While science and the cosmetics industry are making leaps and advances to bring us the latest trends in beauty products, what is available on the market cannot replace the delicious feeling of achieving beauty naturally. It’s not just a hipster trend, natural beauty is quite fashionable now, as women move further away from the highly made-up styles of the past and the influence of cyber culture on how we view beauty.

As Photoshop has made its entry into the world of media, beauty and advertising, viewers are more and more aware of the superficiality of some aspects of these industries and how beauty has so often been manufactured to create false ideals encouraging women to spend their hard-earned disposable income on things that would promise to give them more confidence.

It’s not the first time in history that artificiality is a big part of the beauty world, and while there is nothing wrong with cosmetics, plastic surgery and other forms of body modification that are present in any given culture, what they all have in common is not so much the desire to completely change women, as much as to enhance certain traits.

But what if all this could be done naturally? Well, it can be done naturally. There are many ways to approach beauty in a natural way, whether it’s because you have sensitive skin and want friendlier products to care for your beauty, or perhaps you are allergic to scents and perfumes? There are an increasing number of health reasons why people might stay away from harsh chemicals.

One alternative is to choose higher end cosmetics. They tend to contain less chemicals and be generally of higher quality. This can be useful for people with sensitivities to cosmetics but who still may want to use them.

Alternatively, there are more and more products on the market now that are marked as vegan because

theEat Healthy Sign Shows Eating Well For Healthy do not contain and animal by-products in their making. This is the case with lip tints, eye shadow and nail polish, which were among the first products to make Eco-friendly alternatives available on the market. However, more and more now one can find all the beauty products that they would want in vegan and scent-free options, available in natural food stores, handmade or artisan cosmetics shops, or even at their local drug store.

For some, there is a concern over the use of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. While this is an unfortunate practice that many people do not want to support by purchasing cosmetics, there are still many ways that one can still use beauty products without supporting these practices, simply by checking the labels. There are more and more indications now on the products themselves of how they are made and tested, and increasingly this information is available at our fingertips, thanks to the internet.

Natural beauty also refers to the choice not to wear makeup. For some, this seems like a long shot, but don’t be fooled – going makeup free doesn’t let anyone off the hook from taking good care of themselves! This is where natural beauty regimens will recommend skin treatments like skin brushing in the shower, frequent moisturizing for dry skin, and most of all, focusing on a healthy diet and balanced amount of exercise to keep the body as fit and healthy as it can be.

But it is often said that the most beautiful thing about a woman is not her physical beauty as much as her inner beauty. This is not a cop-out for women who feel ugly to stop caring for how they present themselves, but instead to let that inner beauty shine through in how they care for their body, naturally.


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Sure, movie stars may have personal stylists, and business executives and lawyers may be able to afford wardrobe consultations, but for the average person these expenses are but extravagant dreams. That doesn’t mean that being in style has to be a pipe dream.

Work with what you have

The first step to getting into fashion is to remember that you don’t have to get rid of your entire wardrobe or replace every article of clothing in order to show your spring flare. We may all have some less flattering items in our closets, but most of us also have a few really nice pieces to work with. Do some research, consult a friend whose fashion sense you trust and admire, and start getting creative about using the garments you have in new ways. If you have a natural talent for sewing, you can even try making some modifications on your own.

Be selective about buying new pieces

The key to getting into fashion on a budget is also to be smart about where you spend the money you have. Take some time to look selectively at a number of different shops, find out where the sales are, and select pieces that you can turn into more than one outfit, and that would look fresh each time. Spending time in different shops will also give you a chance to see what the trends are from one shop to the next, so you can make an educated decision about whether you want to go with what’s more trendy in stores, or try for something a little more unique to show your sass.

Try swapping this spring!

If you’ve never heard of a clothing swap, it’s time to find out what it is. Clothing swaps are very popular as a way for friends to discard and trade old but still good clothing for other items, at no extra charge! Look for a clothing swap in your community or start one with your friends. It’s kind of like raiding your best friend’s closet, except with a dozen of them. You can’t go wrong with this penny-pinching strategy, and the best part about it is that it’s also a great opportunity to get a second opinion on pieces as you try them on, and get a feel for what styles your friends like as well.

Check out your local thrift shop

Thrift shops and vintage clothing stores are a great way to get into style without spending a fortune. You can often get a number of pieces for much less than if you were buying them new, and you can find some very unique gems that are sure to be in no one else’s closet. Whether you choose to selectively invest in some higher-ticket vintage clothing or check out your local second hand store for some hidden treasures, this is a very nice way to add some pizzazz to your fashion sense without having to spend all your extra cash just on clothes. It may even leave you enough left over room in your budget for some funky accessories.

Don’t forget to ditch the old junk

Finally, remember that part of keeping up with fashion means being able to let go of the old and bring in the new. Don’t be afraid to discard older items that don’t fit, have holes, stretched out elastic bands, missing buttons or other imperfections. There is probably a designer out there who would love to give it a new life and by getting it out of your closet, you’re taking the first step towards setting up your style, which is making space for it!