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Characteristics of the different types of photo processing

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Photographs represent moments in our lives, memories to treasure in time and, from time to time, to revisit. Each image represents a special moment It should be taken with great care, so that it brings out the beauty of a face or a landscape or the emotion of a unique moment.

In a world of ever-increasing technology, we are ever more inclined to use digital tools as cameras and smartphones instead of the classic analog cameras with film to take pictures, but it is still through the development of photos and subsequent printing as the immortalized moments can be relived at any time .
Printed photos do not require digital devices and offer room for creativity: can be kept in a scrapbook, made into posters and collages, framed etc.

The quality of a photograph depends, as we know, not only on the shot itself, but also on the quality of the development, the choice of photographic paper and the effects or variations obtained at the printing stage.

Traditional prints on photographic paper

Classic photographic prints are always the ideal solution, thanks to the possibility of choosing between many formats and to the high quality paper . Traditional photographs are printed on matte or glossy photographic paper, depending on personal preference and the subject matter. Images with vivid colors, portraits or natural landscapes are best printed on matte or glossy paper. glossy paper. While for black-and-white photographs, antique effects and cityscapes, black-and-white is preferred. matte paper .

The photographic prints can be made in different standard sizes, from the smallest 7.5 x 10 centimeters to the largest, 20×30 centimeters, ideal for wall hanging.

Digital treatment with vintage effect

An original and very nice idea is to make copies of photos with a vintage effect, using a special paper that simulates the appearance of the photos. old snapshots with the typical frame, white or colored.

In this case, often, to accentuate the retro tone, the colors are slightly modified during the development of the photos. adding digital filters . Polaroid prints can be personalized by placing a message in the frame and used to make posters and collages to hang on the wall at home or give as gifts.

Posters and large formats

As we have already mentioned, traditional photo prints offer the possibility to choose between different formats, even large ones, and to create beautiful posters and original and nice collages with the most beautiful photos of each one.
Portraits, moments with family or friends, places and landscapes: every photo, even a selfie, can become a unique and personal image to hang on the wall or to give as a gift.

Collage and calendars with your own photos

A quality photo development service also offers creative solutions to bring memories back to life and to make a original and well-received gift idea . Important moments, such as a birthday, a graduation, a wedding or an anniversary, can be photographed and turned into a poster or collage, where the most beautiful photos are collected, or into a nice table or wall calendar.

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