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How to decorate your apartment to sell it

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Home staging tips to make your apartment more attractive in the real estate market and sell it better.

If you have decided to sell your apartment, but you have no intention of selling it, in fact you even want to try to get more profit from it and see how the market responds, take note of these useful tips advice from home staging to make your home stand out and be more attractive. .

Home staging is a technique of marketing inmobiliario that comes to us from the United States, which basically consists of enhancing the strengths of our home to make it more attractive on the market and use a few tricks to make potential buyers see the apartment with better eyes during their visit. In this way, selling a house in Barcelona can be a much quicker and easier process and just by following the main guidelines for home staging .

5 home staging tricks to sell your apartment better


First of all, we have to analyze our apartment, find out its strengths that we will have to enhance and its weak points que tendremos to camouflage . Having a clear idea of what we have to do will help us a lot in the whole process.

This balcony with a small table, the sunniest area of the house, the main room of the apartment or the spaciousness of the main room. The strengths of your apartment have to be the first thing you see about your home and you have to work to enhance them as much as possible. Invest in a new, essential and minimalist furniture, and put first the photos of these areas in your ad to sell apartment in Madrid and both in the description and in the visits to emphasize these details that make the apartment special.


You have been living in this apartment for a long time and now you want to sell it. you have too much stuff in the house . It is necessary to get rid of the majority and leave only the essentials . In this way, on the one hand the apartment will look more spacious and on the other, the fewer the objects the easier it will be for the potential buyer to imagine living there . It is better to remove all these family photos and the more personal decorative objects and present a more neutral environment that does not relate to so many memories. The more we get depersonalize the apartment the easier it will be for us to sell it.


It does not make sense to renovate to increase the selling price when the buyer will want to fix it to his liking. But yes, it is essential to give it a coat of paint to make the apartment look clean, bright and well-kept . Steal a painting the walls white leave alone neutral colors and keep a close eye on the house and orden absoluto . This, together with extreme cleanliness, will immediately give a positive image of the apartment.


We have depersonalized the apartment by removing the vast majority of our personal belongings and now there is almost no decorative objects the house and the few that there are should be strategically placed to provoke emotions .
A fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen, scented candles in the bathroom, a basket of fresh fruit on the table, flowers in the living room and a book on the bedside table will help us generate positive feelings.


Now that your apartment is ready to start advertising, the most important thing remains: you need some good photos to accompany the text . The cover photo should illustrate these positive points that make our apartment special to immediately capture the attention of buyers. It is very important to have photos of all the rooms, we have to camouflage the weak points, not hide them, it would generate more doubt not to have a photo of the bathroom or another room.

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