cancelled flight

What you can claim if your flight from outside the EU is cancelled this...

Many may be thinking about returning home for Christmas. In fact, the more forward-thinking ones may even have already bought their tickets, especially if...
marijuana plant

Feminized seeds, is it legal to sell them in Europe for personal use?

Las cannabis plants are male or female Only the females can produce the flowers (known as buds) that contain the psychoactive THC. Feminized marijuana...
bingo history game in spain

The tradition of playing bingo in Spain

Curiously, the history of the popular game of bingo goes back a long way. Some historians trace its birth even to the time of...
cbd benefits

Everything you should know about CBD

Lately we hear a lot about CBD. Its therapeutic and cosmetic benefits seem to be the most popular, but do we really know...
le tribute botella gin tonica

Le Tribute, a tribute to the heritage of contemporary flavor

Le Tribute, the premium gin that fuses tradition and innovationLe Tribute is a premium spanish gin which is born as tribute to the founder...
Egg Donation

Egg donation, how to help another woman become a mother

How to become a donor and everything you should know about egg donation.The data speak for themselves, in Spain Ovodonation has made it possible...
decorating your house to sell it 2

How to decorate your apartment to sell it

Home staging tips to make your apartment more attractive in the real estate market and sell it better. If you have decided to...
therapeutic use cbd

Spaniards and CBD

Are CBD and its products legal or not in Spain? CBD or cannabidiol differs from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in that it does not produce...
tiktok social network of success

TikTok, the social network that triumphs among young people

With TikTok you can create and share 1-minute music selfie videos to which you can apply various filters, stickers, augmented reality effects and, of...
twich successful women

Women who break it on Twitch

The streamer' is one of the new professions that, like that of 'influencer', have brought us new technologies and social networks. And if today...

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