iberian ham slice

I really like Iberian ham and museums. “. This is how clear and categorical he was Brad Pitt during an interview in Spain a few years ago while pointing to a plate of Jamón Ibérico. The acclaimed actor has never concealed his passion for Iberian Ham He is not the only celebrity who idolizes this gastronomic emblem: Mark Zuckerberg declared that he went to the Mobile World Congress to eat Jamón, Cristiano Ronaldo awakened his “ Iberian direction “It was the first time he tasted it in Madrid and even Johnny Deep himself asks for it every time he visits Spain.

Converted to European gastronomic icon Iberian ham has transcended the limits of gastronomy to become a true cultural emblem of the Mediterranean Diet A product that awakens interest in our way of life and customs, as well as to learn about a gastronomic culture worthy of being declared of cultural interest.

A meticulous, traditional, natural and lengthy production process that culminates with the sensory enjoyment of a unique product . To appreciate the sweet, salty and cured nuances of Iberian ham and enjoy to the fullest that explosion of flavor so characteristic on our palate, we must use all our senses: sight, touch, smell, taste…

Thus arose the international project “ Iberian Hams from Spain, European Ambassadors in the World “. An emotional campaign promoted by ASICI, with the support of the European Union, which aims to stimulate the whole world to awaken its Iberian Sense and enjoy the unmistakable flavor of this unique product. gourmet product unique in the world .

But do you really think you only have five senses?

You have a sense that is the sum of all. The Iberian direction . A sense that is born in the Mediterranean culture which is born from uniting something as unique as the Iberian Ham and something as extraordinary as a special form of understanding and live life . It is about feeling, sharing and enjoying. Because the ‘Sentido Ibérico’ takes you to the essence of what we are… to perceive an aroma, a color or an incredible flavor, to enjoy the Ibérico Ham.

The Iberian Sense cannot be described, it can only be lived.

Because we talk about more than just food . We talk about European culture, about gastronomic heritage In short, we are talking about the rural world, the landscape that provides it, sustainability… In short, we are talking about a unique and special product .

A product that needs 4, 5, 6, 7… years before it can be enjoyed. Because if there is one thing that characterizes the elaboration process of an Ibérico Jamón Ibérico, it is the fact that it is a natural process based on long processing and curing times . An Iberian ham needs a long time to become a masterpiece. It is a product with an intense and persistent aroma resulting from the final stages of maturation, with a suggestive appearance of intense reddish color drawn by its characteristic veining and with a firm texture that allows it to be cut into very thin slices.

If you are willing to wait all that time to enjoy the aroma and unmistakable flavor of Ibérico Jamón Ibérico, it is because you have the Ibérico Sense. It’s inside you, no matter where you’re from… you have it. All you need is a slice of Iberian Ham to awaken it.

Awaken your Iberian Sense. Iberian hams from Spain, ambassadors of Europe in the world.

The contents of this promotional campaign represent the views of the author alone and are solely the responsibility of the author. The European Commission and the European Research Executive Agency (REA) accept no responsibility for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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