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Using VPN for travel: advantages before and during the trip

secure internet connection during a trip

Security breaches have increased in recent years.

At both the corporate and personal level, there is a constant flow of new products and services. attacks on electronic devices with the purpose of obtaining sensitive data . This risk is even greater when traveling abroad because the chances of connect to secure networks decrease when in transit to a new destination.

However, it is inevitable that sometimes you will need to access the Internet to consult personal information or purchase a last-minute service.

To avoid possible theft of personal data while traveling, it is important to it is recommended to use a VPN system .

The following is a review of its advantages and an analysis of why a VPN connection is one of the most secure Internet access systems available.

Characteristics of a VPN system

La VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of technology that allows connecting one or more devices to a virtual private network .

Its main feature is that it facilitates securely and remotely connect to private networks . As it is private, browsing is always safe in public networks such as coffee shops, airports or shopping malls, among others.

In addition, it allows the elimination of censorship or restrictions on access to content that may exist in different countries.

This connection prevents attackers from intercepting the connection because it is a private network. In this way, intermediaries such as hackers or hackers will never have access to your network.

Importance of protecting your personal data

The simple fact of connecting to the Internet generates a large amount of personal data ranging from the searches you perform, your geolocation, your IP, the browser you use and your location, among others.

Personal data is of great value these days and hackers or online fraudsters are well aware of this.

Devices that are vulnerable and connected to public networks are the main target of this type of cybercrime. Even if you connect in incognito mode, if the network is not secure they can intercept your connection and have access to all your transactions. This is why it is important to take extra precautions, especially when traveling.

Advantages of using a VPN prior to travel

You may think that VPNs are only useful during travel, but you’d be wrong.

Before preparing a trip and carrying out actions such as the Whether you are buying airline tickets, hotel stays or renting a car, a VPN connection will be very useful to get a better price. .

Airlines and other tour operators have digital marketing specialists, data and IT professionals who know how to perfectly track the characteristics of their users and their buying trends. This is why their reservation systems know your buyers’ profiles through cookies and IPs .
If the search is performed from an unencrypted connection, it is possible that as you search for the same product, the price will increase as the system is programmed to understand that there is a high interest in that purchase.

VPN systems cannot be traced and, therefore, are not affected by whether you browse more or less on the same web page. This makes it possible for you to always see the best price when you search, a factor that can help you save costs when you go to close the purchase.

Advantages of using a VPN while traveling

Encryption via VPN while traveling is useful when making online payments.

Occasionally there may be setbacks or changes in plans that involve changing flight dates or purchasing additional services. For example, you may want to add a new stopping point to your itinerary, or you may want to review your bank account.

On these occasions, it is essential to have a system that ensures secure access to our most sensitive data . Preventing vulnerabilities when it comes to banking information is important to keep personal finances safe.

In addition, it should be taken into account that banks have blocking systems when they detect that money movements are taking place from unusual countries, a factor which sometimes blocks the owner’s account, leaving him without access. By using the VPN system, this is solved, since the connection locates your country of origin, allowing you to operate in the usual way.

If you are thinking of acquiring a VPN connection, you are probably wondering which is the best VPN app on the market? Consider the one that offers the best protection, reliability and loading speed.

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