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Everything you should know about CBD

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Lately we hear a lot about CBD. Its therapeutic and cosmetic benefits seem to be the most popular, but do we really know what this substance is and what are its real effects?

For some years now, CBD has been rescued from oblivion. In the past, only THC was discussed Its most popular sibling, and its characteristic psychotropic effects that we all know from marijuana. In fact, CBD and THC are both derived from marijuana. and they also share a common chemical composition. The big difference is in the placement of its components, a difference that makes the effects of the substance on the body are completely different. If on the one hand with THC we have the effect of being stoned, only allosteric inhibition occurs with CBD. . In fact, CBD is even being recommended for children in cases of ADHD.

The positive effects of CBD on the body

The allosteric inhibition produced by cannabidiol (CBD) generates a feeling of well-being and relaxation . These anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects make CBD a valid alternative to treat stress However, the total effects on the organism are still unknown due to lack of studies.

Despite this, CBD is being widely used therapeutically. . CBD, cannabis or hemp oil, in the form of supplements or cream and ointments are being used to treat pain of all kinds, regulate stress and promote sleep . It is considered a useful ally in the treatment of Parkinson’s, glaucoma, inflammatory skin and intestinal diseases, schizophrenia, diabetes, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. It could also be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) but the risk of using CBD for children is that there are still not enough studies to say that it is 100% safe, although it is proven that it can help a lot.

The benefits of CBD in cosmetics

Montibello’s CBD cosmetics line

At the cosmetic level, there are currently many cosmetic creams and serums boasting CBD as a star ingredient . Your antioxidant properties its beneficial effects on cell regeneration and its ability to counteract the natural loss of collagen make it a powerful antioxidant. antiage . Hence, we encounter many anti-aging cosmetic lines with CBD-based formulations .
In this case we are talking about something totally legal: cannabidiol (CBD) in Spain is produced for topical use following the regulation of cosmetic products. This regulation is much more flexible than that of medicines or medical devices and allows the use of CBD.

Medical use of CBD

Unlike THC, which has been extensively studied during the last decades, CBD cannot boast of so many clinical studies. So we cannot know for sure the long-term effects it may have on our organism, nor can we say that its use is totally safe. Currently, due to its proven benefits, its therapeutic use is being investigated in detail and it will surely not be long before we have decisive clinical trials.
Right now CBD is being used mainly in the following areas patients with chronic pain or who are going through oncology treatments representing an effective solution.

The medicinal use of cannabis with infinite beneficial properties

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