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Innovative gastronomic techniques for your restaurant

Innovative gastronomic techniques

Making your restaurant stand out from the competition is a mission that requires hard work and perseverance, but, above all, it requires innovation, creativity and the capacity to incorporate elements and resources that make a difference. There are many reasons to to embark on the road to distinction professionalization and acquisition of new techniques in the culinary sector.

In this distinction is very important the innovative factor, which is carried out by innovating in technique or product, as you can learn in the Master in product innovation and gastronomic techniques. Through this training, it will allow you to discover some interesting ideas that can change forever your way of doing business. culinary elaborations and to give rise to originality .

The training in product innovation and gastronomic techniques is aimed at professionals in the gastronomy area such as Executive Chefs, Sous-Chefs or food personnel who wish to improve your technique and, thus, develop new methods, skills and gastronomic knowledge, apply the latest trends and take a leap in their professional career or specialize in product innovation and gastronomic technique.

In addition, the Master has different modules that address aspects such as gastronomic product management, innovation in the management of different kitchen models, mastery, use and innovation in the management of products. such as meat, fish and vegetables The application of sustainable techniques in processes and cooking, such as zero waste, zero kilometer, local commerce and circular economy, among others.

Innovation in cooking techniques

The kitchen is constantly evolving and, hence, the importance of constant training in the field to go a step further, differentiate and professionalize in product and gastronomic technique. This evolution leads us to know different gastronomic techniques that have innovated the kitchen, turning it into an experience for diners:

Vacuum cooking

Although vacuum was previously used for better food preservation, its subsequent use in cooking has generated marvelous results, being used in cooking at low temperatures. In this way, flavors are able to intensify and freshness is maintained.

Liquid nitrogen

It is a technique that has elements of molecular cuisine, in which a breath is brought to consignment temperature levels using liquid nitrogen. The objective is to achieve cold cooking, making it much crispier on the outside and, on the other hand, cold and fresh on the inside.


It is a technique that consists of turning a food into a spherical shape. When it is introduced in the mouth, the sphere explodes and generates an intense flavor that provides a sublime experience to diners. In this process, gelatin is usually used and many resources of molecular gastronomy are required.


Taking elements that turn cooking into a way of producing art, deconstruction presents us with separate foods that, when manipulated in a special way, their flavor is enhanced by joining them together. In this way, a much more elaborate and intense flavor is generated.

Reverse parrilla

The use of low temperatures in modern cooking has generated impressive results, as in the case of this technique, in which meat is cooked at temperatures that can reach -34 °C (-22 °F). Liquid nitrogen is not required and textures and results can be achieved that bring a new experience to the diner.

If we go back to the new formations that are available today, many of the new ones are techniques go hand in hand with specialists This will facilitate the acquisition of skills and profitability, such as those discussed below:

  • Training students to manage creative processes related to gastronomy.
  • Study of the most relevant trends in the culinary field.
  • Access to knowledge of avant-garde cuisine.
  • Application and control of the 3 main gastronomic products.
  • Learning design techniques and customer experience.

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