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Know the main causes behind hair loss

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Did you know that the estrés is one of the main causes that can weaken our scalp? The arrival of the pandemic in our country and the mobility limitations imposed to curb its spread have caused thousands of people to end up locked up at home for much longer The lack of social activities and the inability to meet with loved ones and enjoy the social activities they used to engage in. This has had serious effects on the mental health of the population, giving rise to high levels of anxiety and stress which, in turn, are one of the causes behind the growing number of cases of alopecia in Spain.

In order to better understand this phenomenon, we will proceed to list and describe in detail below what are the main causes for a person to experience hair loss? .

Main causes behind baldness

It should be noted that, although some cases of alopecia can be solved quickly once the cause has been detected and corrected, there are other cases in which it is not so clearly perceived. In order to deal with this problem, the following are available specialized centers such as the IMD Clinics, which offer, through their website, a test capilar online which allows you to obtain a reliable diagnosis with which to find out the possible problems that may be affecting you, as well as to determine what treatment you need.

Hair loss due to genetic factors

One of the main causes behind hair loss in both men and women is hair loss due to the androgenic alopecia also known as hereditary baldness. This condition is the result of the interaction between the

which, combined with increasing age, result in significant scalp conditions that can develop at any point in the lives of those who suffer from it.
This type of alopecia is characterized by following, in a progressive manner, a series of predictable patterns . These include receding hairline, the appearance of bald spots in men, as well as thinning hair along the crown of the scalp in women suffering from hereditary baldness.

Alopecia due to stress

Hair loss caused by situations of estrés that we mentioned in the first paragraph is known as acute telogen effluvium. This is a type of alopecia that develops two to three months after the occurrence of an event that generates the hair loss. estrés intenso in the patient. The hair loss pattern of acute telogen effluvium causes moderate amounts of hair to fall out from the entire length of the scalp, and sufferers are often aware of this in the shower, after brushing, or even upon waking up and seeing hairs on the pillow.

Side effects of some drugs

There are some drugs which, as a side effect, can cause hair loss in those who decide to take them. All those medicines that contain lithium, beta-blockers, warfarin or heparin as well as those employed in the cancer treatment are prone to cause alopecia in their users. It is advisable to be informed about the side effects that the consumption of certain drugs can cause on us to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Practices that damage the scalp

Of course, all those who hairstyles and treatments that can cause damage to our scalp, if we are not sufficiently cautious, can end up creating irreversible baldness problems. Among these practices are hairstyles that can pull the hair too much (traction alopecia), hot oil treatments and perms. We all want to wear stylish hairstyles, but we must be careful not to damage our hair and avoid to the extent possible, the appearance of decicatrixes that prevent capillary regeneration.

Recommendations to avoid alopecia

Although there are some causes over which we have no control, when it comes down to it, we can carry out a series of practices that help prevent hair loss. First and foremost, as we highlighted in the previous section, we must treat our hair with gentleness We should use detangling agents and avoid pulling during brushing as much as possible. We must discontinue the use of of hot curling irons, hair straighteners and other strong treatments that can test the resilience of our scalp. Another tip that can be given to ensure the health of the hair is to avoid sunlight and, in general, the ultraviolet light sources . The energy brought by these radiations can cause problems in our organism, one of them being hair loss. It has also been shown that the smoking also causes baldness among men, which is another reason why its consumption is discouraged.

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