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Feminized seeds, is it legal to sell them in Europe for personal use?

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Las cannabis plants are male or female Only the females can produce the flowers (known as buds) that contain the psychoactive THC. Feminized marijuana seeds are a special strain of cannabis that grows on a plant that has both male and female reproductive organs; this is why the use of feminized seeds makes it possible to avoid having to identify the sex of each plant as it grows through manual pollination .

Undoubtedly, this mechanism has triggered the interest in obtaining them, so more and more people are buying these specimens in a feminized seed store like Sensoryseeds; the website that has become a reference for those fans who want to respect the current legal regulations and at the same time want to obtain the highest quality cannabis seeds of any variety, including feminized ones.

What are feminized seeds?

A feminized seed is the result of a controlled genetic process . The resulting plant will be female and will not need to pollinate with another plant to produce pollen, which means that there is no possibility of hermaphroditism (having male and female parts). In other words, the resulting plant will always be female!
This type of seed was introduced in the 1980s by champion growers who wanted to prevent their crops from being pollinated by male plants that might reduce the size or quality of their crop. Today, feminized seeds are available for almost all cannabis strains on the market. . This makes the The cultivation is easier for novice growers, but it also takes some of the uncertainty out of growing in general, since you know exactly what you have when you start. Also, since these plants do not need cross-pollination with male pollen (i.e., they do not need males), they will produce more reliable yields over time than normal seedlings because there is less genetic variation among their offspring.

Are feminized cannabis seeds legal in Spain?

The answer is yes, feminized seeds are legal in Spain. However, clandestine cultivation with commercial intentions is prohibited as it will result in plants containing more than 0.2% THC; which is the legal limit established by the European Union. Therefore, it is important that you understand the guidelines regarding outdoor marijuana cultivation in case the plants are visible from public spaces or roadsides or if they are near schools and children’s centers. If you are caught growing these plants illegally, it will be up to local officials whether or not they decide to prosecute you for growing them. So make sure that your home garden is kept out of sight and is exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. Of course, this must be checked with the authorities.

Position of Spanish laws on marijuana seeds

The topic of the safety and properties of cannabis seeds is becoming more and more extensive. As mentioned above, in Spain, possession and consumption of marijuana are not illegal. . That said, there are laws prohibiting their cultivation and distribution. Therefore, if you buy feminized seeds online or in person from a reputable seed bank, you should be able to grow them legally as long as they are inside your house/apartment and you do not intend to sell them. . You can also keep them with the intention of collecting them until the legal regulations are modified in your favor.

Feminized cannabis seeds in Europe

As we have seen, feminized seeds are legally available in many European countries. However, there are some countries where they are banned or (at least) restricted.

  • In Spain and in the UK, you can buy and own feminized cannabis seeds without any problem. Specifically, in the case of Spain, you must respect the laws regarding crops.
  • In Switzerland, only regular strains of cannabis plants are allowed to be grown at home, not feminized ones! However, you can buy them outside your home.
  • Italian regulations do not permit the development of grass seeds Growing plants from seeds is criminalized. The commercialization (buying and selling) of weed flowers (known as buds) is also allowed by law, as long as the THC content respects the legal guidelines.

In general, feminized marijuana seeds are just as legal as regular cannabis seeds . However, because they are still relatively new on the market and there are some concerns surrounding them, it is best to check with local laws before buying these types of seeds or growing them yourself. Of course, another important point as a buyer, is to go to reputable stores in the cannabis seed market. This guarantees a safe and top quality purchase, as they have the relevant certifications for the commercialization of this type of resources from the cannabis plant.

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