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Tips for a more beautiful smile

how to wear a beautiful smile

The smile is present in our daily lives, through it we express feelings and emotions, we laugh and communicate with others. . When it comes to taking care of our smile, we should not only look for and get it to be beautiful and reduce everything to purely esthetics but also for our own oral health . In fact, smiling has many benefits, as it is a way to convey confidence to others, improve our social relationships, have a friendly gesture and even increase self-esteem.

Among the positive effects of smiling we highlight the lowering of blood pressure levels stress relief, increased defenses, and the improvement of the immune system. improved mood . Therefore, the simple gesture of smiling is beneficial in itself and is a way to improve the quality of our lives.

To keep our smile beautiful it is important to take care of it and to know the best way to do it.

How to get a beautiful smile?

The following suggestions can help you keep your smile beautiful or improve its appearance in an effective and fast way.

Visit to the dentist

The first thing to do is to visit the dentist periodically for a check-up to ensure that everything is in order. Thus, if a problem is detected, you can act on it early and it will not lead to a major problem. There are a multitude of treatments, many of which are aimed at improving the appearance of your smile. In Puyuelo Dental Clinic have a team of dentists in Barcelona prepared to address issues of dental aesthetics, make a detailed diagnosis of your needs and achieve the desired goal. Currently there are various techniques and aesthetic treatments that can improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental veneers

It is a treatment that consists of incorporating thin porcelain sheets to the teeth, which are used to solve problems related to the color, shape, position and size of the teeth. The design is first tested in your mouth so you can see the result and once you are satisfied with it, they are manufactured in the laboratory with high quality ceramics. The specialist will be in charge of finding the final finish that best suits you, as well as the color, brightness and texture that best suits you.

Dental implants

In case you need a dental implant to fill the place where a natural tooth was previously located. It is an element composed of titanium and zirconium that is attached to the maxillary bone tissue. This element is screwed to a dental crown and functions as a natural tooth.

Invisalign Orthodontics

In case you need to correct the position of your teeth and make movements in your teeth to show off an aligned smile, this treatment is a great option. It is characterized by being extremely hygienic, comfortable and aesthetic. Removable and invisible splints are used.

Tooth whitening

It is a treatment through which you can lighten your teeth, making them look brighter and whiter. For this purpose, a LED lamp is used to lighten the color of your teeth up to 8 shades, eliminating all types of stains. Depending on the characteristics of the teeth of the person, teeth whitening will be performed in one way or another, hence a prior assessment is made. It is an effective method to bring brightness to the smile.

In addition to all the aesthetic treatments that can be used to achieve a radiant smile, we can incorporate into our routine habits to protect the appearance of our smile and prevent it from deteriorating easily.

It is essential to daily oral cleaning along with regular professional oral cleanings . We should also be aware that certain foods can stain our teeth more easily. For example, coffee, teas, wines, carbonated beverages or sauces such as ketchup and soy discolor our smile and in large quantities can contribute to the color of our teeth becoming yellowish. In this sense, to counteract the negative effects caused by these foods, we can consume other foods that have whitening properties. For example, broccoli, cauliflower, dairy products, apples or strawberries are foods that help to keep teeth white. In addition, it is advisable to change your toothbrush every 3 months, as it loses effectiveness and accumulates a large amount of bacteria. Finally, use dental floss to remove all possible food debris between the teeth and avoid brushing too hard because you can cause your enamel to suffer and thus your teeth become more yellow.

A beautiful smile, as we said, has multiple benefits. Therefore, taking care of our smile is a task that we should not overlook.

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