korean cosmetic products

Korean cosmetics, your ultimate beauty ally

Surely you have already heard something about the Korean cosmetics . You may not know very well what they are, but by now they...
summer hair care

Mistakes you make at the beach and pool that don’t help to take care...

If you are one of the people who likes to keeping your hair beautiful and healthy but you also love to constantly go to...
tricks to control greasy hair

Forget about greasy hair: 5 tips to control it

Suffering from hyperseborrhea and noticing that the hair gets dirty quickly, especially at the roots, is quite common. The good news is that...
recover for the summer

Damaged hair: how to restore your mane after summer

Repairing treatments and best practices to restore your hair and restore shine and hydration after a summer of beach, pool and lots of...
cosmetics piel grasa montibello

How to achieve blemish-free, well-moisturized skin

The beauty routine to follow if you have oily or pore-prone skin and also notice that you lack hydration. Many of us believed...
dyes sin amoniaco montibello

Ammonia-free coloring, my experience with Dénuée by Montibello

It is called Dénuée, has a water-based ammonia-free formulation and is Montibello's bet for natural, vegan and sustainable coloring. If you go to...
skin moisturizing routine

Moisturize your skin with this face routine for dry skin

La daily facial routine is essential to keep skin healthy and young. But oily skin is not the same as combination or dry skin....
reto skin reset montibello

Radiant skin in 14 days with Montibello Skin Reset Kit

A pack of shock treatments to be applied at night to achieve radiant skin in just two weeks. With the slogan 'new year,...
kevin murphy colored hair care

How to care for color-treated hair, Kevin Murphy’s solution

The Australian hair cosmetics firm Kevin Murphy is launching a range of products specially dedicated to the care of colored hair, designed to...
Trends in cosmetic surgery

Trends in cosmetic surgery, new beauty standards and the most demanded treatments

Dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, flaccidity, breast augmentation,... Nowadays, cosmetic surgery provides us with specific solutions for all types of problems . But...

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