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Forget about greasy hair: 5 tips to control it

tricks to control greasy hair

Suffering from hyperseborrhea and noticing that the hair gets dirty quickly, especially at the roots, is quite common. The good news is that with good practices and the right products we can control this greasy hair and always have a clean and beautiful mane.

Why do I have greasy hair?

The causes of greasy hair can be several: hormonal imbalance, stress or simply the use of unsuitable and/or too aggressive products and too frequent washing. In reality, this sebum produced by our scalp is a positive thing, it serves to protect our hair. In fact, using aggressive shampoos will only increase its production automatically. Our should be to regulate and balance this sebum production.

A routine made of good practices with regular scalp cleansing, the use of specific products and a few sprays of dry shampoo to refresh the roots, will give us back a silky and shiny mane without the annoying flattened and greasy effect.

5 tips to control greasy hair


If we notice that the roots look dirty and greasy even if the hair is freshly washed, the first thing we have to do is to make a scalp cleansing . With a exfoliating scrub specifically clean the scalp of our hair by removing dead cells and excess sebum which, besides being unsightly, clogs pores and weakens our hair.

The ideal is to do a weekly exfoliation until we notice that our scalp is balanced and then continue to do it every month as maintenance. In the end, it is like with the face and peelings, they are necessary from time to time. In fact, even if we do not have oily hair, it is highly recommended to do a scalp cleansing from time to time.


It is not necessary to fall into the false myth that it is better to wash your hair daily and with an abundant amount of product, this would be totally counterproductive. In fact, it could cause a rebound effect. Moreover, as we have already said, this sebum, or rather the part that is not in excess, is necessary to protect our hair. Be careful not to leave it unwashed for too many days. The important thing is which product you use to wash your hair.

We have to choose a shampoo without sulfates, silicones and parabens. It may seem to us that this type of shampoos are less effective, and they do not usually make as much foam. The reality is that they are just as effective, but not as aggressive with our scalp. We simply have to get used to it and get our hair used to it, which will thank us very much.


It seems like a no-brainer, but since there are now many naturally formulated moisturizing products that can also be applied to the roots, it’s good to mention it. A conditioners and masks only on mid and ends . If you suffer from greasy hair, it is common to have greasy roots and dry ends. After using a purifying shampoo for greasy hair, we should not make the mistake of not moisturizing our hair to prevent it from becoming greasy, just do not apply it to the roots.


To avoid over-washing hair A good trick is to use the spray dry shampoo for refresh the roots . With a few sprays we eliminate this excess grease and the annoying appearance of dirty hair without making the mistake of washing our hair again. As mentioned above, this could even increase the production of grease.


To prevent it from getting dirty quickly, it is best to brush it with the head downwards . Another good practice is to avoid the more possible touching our hair It is a habit that many of us have that does not help to keep it clean.

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