choosing a perfume according to skin type

Tips for choosing a perfume according to your skin type

The choice of a perfume is very personal . However, there are some factors that influence how a fragrance settles and how long...
tensor threads aesthetic medicine

Tightening threads against flaccidity, all about this firming treatment

Everything you need to know about thread lift treatment, the non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure to restore skin firmness without altering features. What...
female botox profile

The best aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate your face

Three aesthetic medicine treatments to take years off the face and look rejuvenated and natural. Aesthetic medicine in recent years has advanced a...
cosmetics spring beauty routine

The key cosmetics to adapt your beauty routine for spring

To prepare for rising temperatures, a change of closet is not enough. The arrival of spring also calls for a change in our beauty...
pure obagi skin types

Pure Obagi, the cosmetics that bring out the full potential of your skin

They come from the United States, have become famous for their effectiveness and high concentrations and are designed to bring out the maximum...
free clinique product samples

How to get Clinique samples

When it comes to items designed to treat, care for and thoroughly beautify our skin, there are few brands that can match the quality...
solid cosmetics

3 reasons to switch to solid cosmetics

If you've already switched to natural cosmetics and have appreciated all its benefits, the next step in the evolution of your beauty routine...
rutina beauty de verano

Moisturizing and protection in summer: the beauty products you need in your routine

During the summer, it is essential to protect ourselves from external factors. The sun, the heat, the beach and the pool are the most...
cosmetics piel grasa montibello

How to achieve blemish-free, well-moisturized skin

The beauty routine to follow if you have oily or pore-prone skin and also notice that you lack hydration. Many of us believed...
reto skin reset montibello

Radiant skin in 14 days with Montibello Skin Reset Kit

A pack of shock treatments to be applied at night to achieve radiant skin in just two weeks. With the slogan 'new year,...

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