alopecia problems

Suffering from alopecia? Here are the best solutions

Hair prosthesis, grafts, micropigmentation, hair fibers or wigs, we tell you all about the different alternatives currently on the market to find the...
Cryosense cryotherapy

Cryotherapy as the latest trend in wellness

It is the most demanded in rejuvenation and physical recovery techniques. Who hasn't had a stroke at some time, and has applied cold...
free clinique product samples

How to get Clinique samples

When it comes to items designed to treat, care for and thoroughly beautify our skin, there are few brands that can match the quality...
hair treatments without rinsing

3 leave-in treatments to repair hair that will make you forget about masks

Forget about time spent posing and extra rinsing, the ultimate in hair care is to use intensive leave-in treatments. They are very...
loreal infallible free samples

How to get L’Oréal samples

When it comes to personal care, it is worth investing some time in knowing which products are best suited to our particular needs and...
Chica-problem fallen by the

Know the main causes behind hair loss

Did you know that the estrés is one of the main causes that can weaken our scalp? The arrival of the pandemic in our...
tensor threads aesthetic medicine

Tightening threads against flaccidity, all about this firming treatment

Everything you need to know about thread lift treatment, the non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure to restore skin firmness without altering features. What...
Trans Ageing Cosmetics

Trans Ageing Cosmetics, the anti-aging beauty products that adapt to your skin

Montibello changes the approach to anti-aging treatments with ARÛDE a range of cosmetics that adapts to the needs of each skin. When talking...
female botox profile

The best aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate your face

Three aesthetic medicine treatments to take years off the face and look rejuvenated and natural. Aesthetic medicine in recent years has advanced a...
how to wear a beautiful smile

Tips for a more beautiful smile

The smile is present in our daily lives, through it we express feelings and emotions, we laugh and communicate with others. . When it...

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