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Suffering from alopecia? Here are the best solutions

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Hair prosthesis, grafts, micropigmentation, hair fibers or wigs, we tell you all about the different alternatives currently on the market to find the best solution for your alopecia problem.

Alopecia or abnormal hair loss is quite common and usually affects men, although there are also many women who suffer from it. The most common form of alopecia is defined as androgenetic alopecia or common baldness and is usually responsible for the majority of cases. The cause may be genetic, hormonal or hereditary.
In general in men hair is lost in localized areas (entrances and crowns) while in women is a diffuse fall .
There are also other types of alopecia, for example areata alopecia in which hair loss creates round patches or traumatic and cicatricial alopecia.

Hair Inspira hair prosthesis

The positive fact is that in most cases it is a potentially reversible or correctable phenomenon. Nowadays there are different types of state-of-the-art solutions on the market, everything is in finding the most suitable technique for our type of alopecia .

Hair prosthesis

Forget about the typical image of the hairpieces, now you can hair prostheses are made in such a perfected way that it is impossible to detect them. They are made custom-made his natural hair , are permanent and allow us to live a normal life.

The latest generation, such as Hair Inspira’s hair prosthesis in Barcelona, in the case of women are fixed with the micropoint technique to be imperceptible and safe and in men use techniques such as injected hair, V loop, hidden knot or bleach knot to emulate the maximum naturalness of the scalp and hair.

With this type of hair prosthesis we can take a shower, go to the swimming pool, wear a cap and do everything without any risk.
In this case the finish is perfect with this capillary integration system we will be seen with an all-natural mane.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of this type of solution is that it requires regular maintenance (the scalp and the hair prosthesis must be cared for), which will vary depending on each person, how careful they are or how fast their hair grows.

Also over time, depending on the type of prosthesis, the undetectable ones last less because of their great naturalness, it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.

Hair grafting

With hair grafting we are talking about a full-fledged operation, usually a minimum of 2 thousand follicles are grafted and anesthesia is required. The operation is usually long, first remove the hairs from populated areas and then graft them one by one in the area affected by alopecia. and that brings us to its major drawback. To perform a graft it is necessary to have enough hair in some areas to be able to remove it to repopulate the depopulated area.

As for the results, after a few months of the hair transplant microsurgery, the grafted hairs, which tend to fall out shortly after the operation, grow back and we have a repopulated mane .
In addition, if one session is not enough, the operation can be repeated. Compared to hair prosthesis, hair transplantation has a much higher cost, although its results promise to be longer lasting and represent a real solution to the problem of baldness.


Another alternative that allows us to camouflage the alopecia is the hair micropigmentation . This technique allows us to improve the appearance of the affected areas and usually lasts about 5 years. One might think that micropigmentation is a type of treatment used exclusively by men. But in reality many women also resort to it in case of very moderate alopecia to conceal baldness.
Let’s say that we could consider hair micropigmentation as a semi-permanent makeup, it helps to camouflage a little but does not solve the problem.

Capillary fibers

Capillary fibers are a temporary solution to the problem of alopecia that allow us to conceal the affected area. Basically, they are keratin microfibers that, thanks to their electrostatic charge, stick to our hair, giving it much more volume. They are ideal for camouflage in cases of alopecia that are not very marked. The trick is to find the exact color, then its spray application is very simple and it lasts until the next wash.

How to treat alopecia

In any case, when faced with considerable hair loss and alopecia that worries us, the first thing to do is to go to a specific center to be advised by professionals and see what are the best solutions for our situation. Each case is different, we must find the solution that best suits each one and evaluate the pros and cons.

Assumption of drugs against alopecia

Speaking of topical treatments against common or androgenetic alopecia, the only one with proven efficacy is minoxidil, there are those for men and women and it has to be applied daily on the scalp. The big problem with minoxidil is that when it is no longer used its effects disappear, so we return to the initial point. Besides that, it is a very strong drug with several contradictions.

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