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The best aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate your face

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Three aesthetic medicine treatments to take years off the face and look rejuvenated and natural.

Aesthetic medicine in recent years has advanced a lot, today in reference centers such as IML we have a wide range of state-of-the-art treatments that allow us to work on specific problems with natural and effective results .

For some time now, the trends in aesthetic medicine treatments have been looking for natural results and following the pandemic there has been an increase in all treatments aimed at rejuvenate the look . For some time, our eyes have been the only part of our face that was left uncovered after mascara and this has made us rediscover the importance of the eyes. On the other hand, there has also been a significant increase in requests for lip retouching. In fact, during the Covid this has been, together with breast augmentations, one of the most frequent requests for lip enhancements. most requested aesthetic medicine treatments .

The 3 best facial aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate the face

In aesthetic medicine we find many facial treatments from blemish removal to cheek augmentation. Obviously, every face is different and has different needs. Therefore, before deciding on any treatment we must first consult a professional for advice. . But, generally speaking, we could say that there are three services that are the most important. star treatments for a rejuvenated face and we could all use them.


A rested face, free of bags and dark circles under the eyes, will immediately provide a rejuvenating effect. . It is a fact, no matter how much concealer we apply and how much eye contour we apply, there comes a time when it is no longer enough.
To reduce dark circles under the eyes, you can make a eye contour reshaping with hyaluronic acid microinjections which allows us to elevate the skin in the transition zone between the bag zone and the rest of the tissue, attenuating the effect of dark circles under the eyes. Depending on the type of dark circles and their color, the treatment will be different (C02 Laser, Facial Carboxytherapy, Laser Blepharoplasty). In any case, a doctor must tell us which treatment is right for us.


These expression wrinkles (between the eyebrows, forehead, crow’s feet and lips) can be eliminating with a micropuncture of the popular botox . As we all know botulinum toxin will smooth out these wrinkles caused by the mimicry muscles. While, if our wrinkles are deeper (gravitational wrinkles), the solution will be filler with hyaluronic acid . In both cases the duration of the treatment is momentary as the product is reabsorbed by the skin.


It is very common that little by little the skin loses firmness The skin becomes thinner and the fat packets migrate downward, the cheeks and cheekbones descend and the joule appears, blurring the facial oval. In fact, many times the treatments against facial flaccidity In addition to correcting, the following are done to prevent .

To eliminate facial flaccidity when it is still mild, there are state-of-the-art treatments. For example, the facial modeling with polylactic or hyaluronic acid and the facial contouring with calcium hydroxylapatite which acts by stimulating the production and restitution of its own tissue.

If you already have a more moderate flaccidity The best way to correct it is the application of tensor threads to lift the middle third of the face and neck . With this system, the excess skin of the jowls and neck is repositioned, volumes are adjusted and wrinkles are concealed.
This treatment is performed under local anesthesia, lasts about 40 minutes and its effects last 1-2 years.

When to start cosmetic medicine treatments

Wrinkles, flaccidity, spots, … in general. after 40 our face starts to need more than just anti-aging creams and serums. . The signs of aging are becoming more and more evident, the facial skin begins to lose elasticity and volume and the lack of collagen makes expression wrinkles more visible. When we notice that, despite having a good beauty routine with quality cosmetics, our face still needs something more, we will know that the time has come to start looking for a center of aesthetic medicine in which to trust and undergo a small intervention to return to look a more rejuvenated face.

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