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Cryotherapy as the latest trend in wellness

Cryosense cryotherapy

It is the most demanded in rejuvenation and physical recovery techniques.

Who hasn’t had a stroke at some time, and has applied cold in the area to relieve pain or inflammation ? This gesture or the one of getting into cold water for certain treatments is something that has been done for centuries. An example of this is the Arab baths or spas for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.

This is the basic idea of the cryotherapy treatments in physiotherapeutic use The cryotherapy is used for sportsmen and women or for those with dermatological conditions. To perform these treatments, the patient enters a cryotherapy cabin where the following are applied extreme cold which is achieved through the liquid nitrogen vapor and that has a analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect .

An extreme and exclusive treatment

Cryotherapy or cold therapy in cryosauna cabins Cryosense, is a technique based on the effect of cold on the body when exposed to that cold. cold in the form of evaporated liquid nitrogen . It is what would become a sauna pero with cold steam and where temperatures can reach temperatures of up to -196º C . Therefore, experts recommend subjecting the body to this low temperature for about 3 minutes, which is more than enough time to achieve numerous benefits.

How is this achieved? When the body is at such a low temperature, it activates a natural response of the body externally and internally. Its main effects are an improved sense of well-being and mood, muscle relaxation and increased energy.

A quick response with positive effects

Cryotherapy is becoming very popular because we are seeing how many people are elite sportsmen and women such as Cristiano Ronaldo, use this technique . Either to recover after an injury or simply to speed up la recovery after training or after a game, thus trying to relieve the body and avoid the appearance of these injuries.

Rafa Nadal and Daniel Carvajal trying cryotherapy

There are more and more cryotherapy booths in high performance centers or soccer clubs such as Real Madrid CF, Villarreal, Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, Girona FC or Getafe CF. It has created a trend in this field, as it is an excellent treatment for the treatment of educe muscle pain in athletes or sportsmen and women. to assist as part of the injury recovery program.

But in addition to being applied to the sports field, cryotherapy is useful for health and wellness treatments It has been successfully tested for use when there are problems with falling asleep . This is due to the immediate release of endorphins that occurs after a session in one of these cryosaunas.

The most sophisticated esthetic services

The wellness sector continues to grow and become more popular, largely thanks to technological advances that favor the application of groundbreaking techniques such as these. Therefore, cryotherapy cabins are also added to the aesthetic treatments of the most luxurious centers. Today, it is one of the most requested full body treatments in high standing centers. .

This treatment has caused a furor even among influencers who have tried this technique, who claim that an immediate effect of greater luminosity in the skin is noticed. Another option is focus the treatment only on the face, with the idea of reducing the feeling of tiredness that is usually more noticeable in the area of the dark circles under the eyes. . On the other hand, and also in terms of aesthetics, this intense cold activates the body’s metabolism so it is also used as an extra help for people following a weight loss diet.

In short, we can say that cryotherapy is a highly recommended treatment to help us with our health and our appearance.

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