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Tightening threads against flaccidity, all about this firming treatment

tensor threads aesthetic medicine

Everything you need to know about thread lift treatment, the non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure to restore skin firmness without altering features.

What are tensor threads?

The treatment with tensor threads, also known as lifting natural o lifting japonés is a procedure non-surgical and minimally invasive with which to prevent and to reduce flaccidity while stimulating the natural formation of the collagen .
The interesting thing about this procedure is that we obtain a efecto lifting natural since their application does not alter the factions. What is done with the introduction of these threads is to skin tightening and these, thanks to the stimulation of the tissue structure, provide a lifting effect. In fact, the effects of the treatment start to be really noticeable three weeks after its application.

We are talking about natural lifting effect because the tensor threads are usually applied mainly on the face, in areas such as cheekbones and eyebrows or to correct sagging neck and jowls. But in reality it is a treatment that can also be performed in various areas of the body where we want to re-tighten the skin, such as arms or inner thighs.

For whom is the treatment indicated?

The tensor threads are a procedure indicated for all men and women who begin to notice problems with their skin. flaccidity and first signs of aging . To be able to perform this treatment it is necessary not to have lost the elasticity of the skin. In case you want to correct a more important flaccidity, the indicated treatment would be a facelift.

The tensor threads, together with botox, are one of the most most popular facial rejuvenation treatments . The two are different and totally compatible treatments. Botox is used to attenuate expression lines, the tensor threads work for redefine the facial oval and regenerate the skin . Then, if we want to erase this frown wrinkle between the eyebrows we will choose botulinum toxin. But if we want a global facial rejuvenation we will opt for tensor threads.

What does the treatment of the tensor threads consist of?

The treatment consists of introduction of threads of biocompatible material under the skin . In the case of a facial treatment the most common is to use between 6 and 15 threads and the treatment usually lasts about half an hour. For this reason a specific needle is used that leaves an imperceptible incision. To understand, the thread is guided from the point of entry to the point of fixation. The thread itself, thanks to its particular structure with small spicules, is anchored to the subcutaneous tissue and then begins to pull, producing a stimulation in the structure that provides the desired lifting effect.

Types of tensor threads

To perform this popular facial rejuvenation technique, also known as magic threads, different types of threads can be used. The choice of which one to use will depend on the area to be treated and the requirements of each patient.

  • Monofilament

    Monofilament yarns are a fairly fine plain yarns made by Polydioxanone (PDO) a resorbable and biocompatible substance that promotes the production of fibroblasts around the thread and enhances the creation of collagen.

    Monofilament threads will be our best option in case our objective is to attenuate fine wrinkles, firm the skin and stimulate collagen production.

  • Multifilament

    Multifilament yarns are smooth yarns thicker than the monofilaments that are joined together, which is why they are called multifilaments.

    The difference with monofilaments is that with this type of yarn we also achieve increased volume in the treated area with a very natural plumping effect .

  • Epiculate

    Different from the preceding ones, in this case l The yarns have bidirectional spicules that increase traction on the skin. .

    This type of thread is the one that produces more collagen and provides a greater tightening effect, so it would be indicated in case of more marked flaccidity.

How long does the effect of the tensor threads last?

The main work of the tensor threads is to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin, therefore, to see the definitive results of the treatment, it is necessary to wait at least one month. We could have an optimal result after three months.

In 6/8 months the threads are reabsorbed by the body but the effect of their work and of the collagen produced is prolonged until the end of the first year of life. year and a half In some cases it even lasts up to two years. Once the effects have disappeared we can repeat the treatment obtaining the same results.

Conclusion: which type is better

As we have said, the treatment with tensor threads is a quite popular aesthetic medicine procedure, one of the most demanded, because unlike others it provides a facial rejuvenation with natural finish and at the same time stimulates collagen production. That said, as in any type of aesthetic medicine treatment, to know what is best for us it is always best to be advised by professionals. With each type of thread different results are achieved and choosing one or the other will depend on the area to be treated and our skin.

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