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How to promote your local business in BCN with SEM campaigns

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It is the way to obtain immediate results and guarantees real visibility of our business. They are the SEM campaigns and allow us to achieve great results with a fairly small investment of money.

How to run an SEM campaign

To run SEM campaigns it is only necessary to have an account of Google Ads link it to a bank account and start creating the ads. Although it is clear that, in order to have good results, it is best to delegate the creation of these ads and the management of our advertising to an agency specialized in SEM.

Since we are talking about a local business, looking for SEM Agency in Barcelona you will find companies such as The Teva Web which has a team of certified professionals, more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing sector and, in addition, is based in Barcelona. Because, even though we love the digital world and that’s where we want to be, having the possibility of meeting physically to talk about our business and knowing that our agency has an office nearby, is quite an important plus.

What is a SEM campaign

The most popular option is undoubtedly the Google Ads in search engines with payment of PPC, payment for each click that the ad receives. Keep in mind that, when a campaign is well done, our advertisement will appear in the first search results for a specific set of keywords and in a specific location. This means that we can reach our specific target at the very moment when they are searching on Google. Whereas, with display ads we will get our creatives to be shown on pages with content related to our positioning.

In any case, in addition to having a good set of optimized ads, for the SEM campaign to work it is key to have one or more landing pages to generate leads or sales. It will really depend on the objectives of each business, but it is clear that it is the final conversions that define the success of our campaign.

Local Services by Google, the local services advertisements

Google has recently launched another type of advertising especially oriented to promote local businesses . The service is called Local Services by Google and allows us to advertise our services in a specific area .

It could be considered a little brother of Google Business. But with Google Local we advertise specific services available in the user’s area. Unlike a Google Ads campaign, the only goal here is to captar Leads which may be calls or contact information of users interested in our services.

So, in the case of a service agency, it would be ideal to have both options: Google Ads and Google Local.

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