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Teatro Kitchen & Bar, the restaurant that brings the show back to Paralelo

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In what used to be Tickets we now find Teatro Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant that rescues its essence and proposes creative tapas dinners that are authentic shows.

An original and fun experience that turns a dinner into a gastronomic performance made of delicious small bites.

We are located on Parallel Avenue, historically a place of reference for shows in Barcelona . Paral-lel was the great Barcelona stage . From the early 1900’s until the 1960’s the street was full of theaters, some of which are still preserved, such as the Apollo or El Molino. Many others have already become history. But there are new ones that dare to unexpected functions This is the case of Kitchen & Bar Theater, which surprises, delights and amuses with its staging.

Theater Kitchen & Bar with the reopening of its establishment, formerly Tickets, makes a nod to this historical memory of the Condal City. Its dinners are authentic gastronomic shows based on mini-bite passes capable of surprising even the most refined palates. Here, there are no actors, the dishes and the chefs are the main protagonists and the mise en place is studied down to the last detail.

An original and fun dinner: spectacular tapas in Barcelona’s Paralelo district

Those who were at the Tickets will find its similarities, especially in its basic concept of surprising and delighting with its original and creative gastronomic proposal made of mini bites. And, of course, in the space itself that retains much of the original decoration.

At Teatro Kitchen & Bar the theme of the gastronomic show is exploited to the maximum power with the decorative elements. To access the restaurant you even have to go through the ticket office. In addition, throughout the place there are elements that take us to the stage. Undoubtedly the place is beautiful, but what is most striking is not its spotlights, but its mini snacks.

Behind this gastronomical proposal is the Chef Oliver Peña (41º Experience, Enigma, Hacienda Benazuza el Bulli Hotel) and a dining room team headed by Joan Romans which was already at Tickets. The result is a gastronomic proposal of modern tapas well creative and surprising .

With Teatro Kitchen & Bar we have again the essence of what Tickets used to be in a version suitable for all audiences. Its format in bites that are eaten with the hands is the most fun. The raw materials, combinations, techniques and presentations make their dinners authentic culinary shows.

A menu for each event. The gastronomic function

The menu is divided into three acts. Among which we find interesting creations of the chef, special seasonal proposals and some classics of Tickets. So you can put on your own show by choosing from the various scenes a recommended number of 11 to 15 bites. Although, undoubtedly, the most interesting is get carried away and choose the surprise show .

St.Carles shrimp roll
Taco de quelites km0
Pulpo a la coreana
Thai seafood salad & buns

The dining room team will tailor a menu according to your tastes and preferences. They can also suggest the perfect pairings.

The result is a memorable experience. A dinner in which the element of surprise merges with the scenographic aspect and leaves a delicious taste in the mouth.

It is a different and original gastro plan. One of these dinners that you do not forget and recommend to all your friends.

After dinner, the Backstage for a cocktail reception.

Once the meal is over, the show continues backstage. For those who want to continue the evening, from the back of the restaurant, you can go directly to the next room: the Backstage cocktail bar .

Here you can choose between signature cocktails such as Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood or Big Lebowski or opt for some of the great classics – the show must go on!

Theater Kitchen & Bar
Avenida Paralel, 164 | 08015 Barcelona | 936 836 998

To make a reservation and see the menu:
Average dinner price: 90€ per person

Evening function from Tuesday to Friday from 7.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Saturday double pass: Noon performance from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm and evening performance from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

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