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Canaletes Cerveseria, an urban farmhouse to eat in Las Ramblas

brewery canaletes ramblas barcelona

A restaurant in guiri territory with honest cuisine that bets for the ember and the local product.

Canaletes Cerveseria is located in a historical place in Las Ramblas de Canaletes. It is defined as an urban farmhouse and offers grilled Catalan cuisine with local and seasonal products. A bet thought to make discover the most authentic local gastronomy to the tourists and to offer an honest kitchen to the locals.

Legend has it that whoever drinks Canaletes water always comes back to Barcelona. . In this case, at the Canaletes Brewery, water, wine and beer are drunk at the traditional porrones . And I’m sure that after having tried its urban version of the classic Catalan farmhouse You’ll want to come back and eat there again.

After the pandemic, there has been much talk of reclaiming the touristy Ramblas as a space for Catalans, but until now few businesses have made such a powerful bid.
Canaletes Cerveseria can attract the attention of the curious tourist, the one who knows that there is nothing more guiri than eating a paella on the Ramblas and wants to try something really authentic. But, besides that, it has all the cards to become a reference brasserie in the downtown area.

With its Josper oven-roasted ember your selection of local products characteristics and their seasonal and local ingredients this restaurant intends to be a worthy ambassador of the typical Catalan gastronomy where it is most needed. .

At the helm of the stove is Germán Lérida who bets everything on grilled and local seasonal ingredients. . The letter surprises by the curious cosmopolitan touch that has been given to the classics of the grill. Here you can eat the great classics of braseria as the grilled sausage, the empedrat with cod, in this case smoked, the padron peppers (of course grilled). And prepare your grilled bread with tomato, as the Catalan tradition dictates.

poached leeks
tortilla con setas
cabbage with mayonnaise and sour cream

A brasserie in the heart of Barcelona

In the section in the heat of the moment On the menu we find references such as lamb skewer with yogurt sauce or beef tenderloin with caramelized onion and melted cheese, which are a sure hit. In addition to the meats, the interesting thing is the amount of grilled vegetables that we find in the menu of Canaletes Cerveseria.

Eggplant lacquered with soy and honey, roasted pumpkin, cabbage with mayonnaise and sour cream, roasted leeks or the omelette with mushrooms make this urban farmhouse a place to be. highly recommended also for vegetarians .
And, for those looking for street food classics, their interpretation in a Catalan key: Cheeseburger of matured veal with cheese and Catalan Hot Dog with stewed sausage, Santa Pau beans, onion and aioli.

La decoration with the traditional Catalan vaulted ceilings, bricks, tiles and the large bar, rescued from what was the historic Bavarian brewery that occupied this place and now converted into a large showcooking space, give a charm to the place. In Canaletes Cerveseria we find an urban farmhouse with contemporary and minimalist aesthetics with lamps emulating peasant baskets, rustic chairs, metal plates, pallares knives and porrones as an iconic element of Catalan culture.

Canaletes Cerveseria
La Rambla, 127, 08002 Barcelona
To see the menu: Canaletes menu
Hours: daily from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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