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Vintage and Second Hand, the trend of the future coming back from the past

What is Vintage? When did the concept of vintage start to be related to fashion and to a specific style of clothing? Where does the trend of using second-hand clothing come from? And when did the retro style become fashionable?
In this video we answer all your questions and explain how it is starting to become a fashion trend.

Vintage is an English word that comes from the Anglo-Norman vintage, and this in turn from the Old French vendage.

Before the 1950s the word vintage, born in the world of wineries to refer to the wines of their best vintages, was only applicable to cars and antiques.

Today, we refer to a vintage piece as one that is at least 20 years old and whose aesthetic and design value is recognized or representative of its decade of creation.
It is usually associated with the creations of the most important designers (although not necessarily) and, therefore, its value has multiplied in the present.
In the 60’s and 70’s vintage stores flourished following the trend of London, the beats and hippies wore this selection of garments.

Many were the regulars of this style of clothing: Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Patty Smith and even the Beatles.

How and when was this trend born? I explain it in the video.

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