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Moisturizing and protection in summer: the beauty products you need in your routine

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During the summer, it is essential to protect ourselves from external factors. The sun, the heat, the beach and the pool are the most desired things of the summer, but they are also our worst enemies.

To avoid drying out our hair and skin, we need a lot of protection and good moisturizing shots, here are our products summer beauty routine essentials for healthy and beautiful skin and hair .

The star products for a summer beauty routine

Protect and moisturize hair

The cosmetics firm Montibello has just launched a new range of products. It is called Hop and offers a holistic hair care made of sustainable and environmentally friendly products made with natural formulations .
At the basis of everything is the overall wellbeing of the hair which, following holistic principles, is related to our inner wellbeing and that of our surroundings.

With Hop we have the concept of global beauty applied to our hair and to achieve this Montibello has launched 4 different ranges:

  1. Strength and Resistance: Repair & Color ranges
  2. Control and Energy: Volume & Hydration ranges
  3. Defense & Balance: Detox, Sensitive & Purify ranges
  4. Toning and Defining: Silver, Blonde & Reflects ranges

Hop Hidratation, the moisturizing hair routine capable of rescuing even the driest of manes

De cara al verano probamos Hop Hydratation the range designed for deeply moisturize the hair. In its natural and vegan formulation, the key ingredient for moisturizing: the hyaluronic acid . It is responsible for moisturizing our hair, improving its elasticity, controlling frizz and restoring lost softness.

With the heat and the days at the beach and pool, it is quite common to notice how our skin is getting dries the hair . And we know that a dry hair is a dry hair. more fragile and delicate The hair, in addition to looking dull, tends to break more easily. Therefore, at this time of the year it is essential to keep the hair well hydrated. The solution is to protect it and keep it moisturized, which is why the key is hyaluronic acid, our best ally in summer.

With Hop Hidratation we have the moisturizing and anti-frizz routine we need.

The range includes a moisturizing shampoo Smooth Hydration Shampoo, which gently cleanses the hair providing the hydration it needs. The conditioner Smooth Hydration Rinse, with a highly moisturizing formulation that fights frizz and provides flexibility and softness without weighing down the hair. And for the driest and most desperate cases, the jewel in the crown of this range: the Smooth Hydration Mask.

This is a moisturizing mask that restores, preserves and seals moisture inside the hair. . With these three products we are guaranteed a silky and shiny mane, they are very pleasant light textures that are perfect for the summer. They do not make the hair greasy but give it the protection and hydration it needs.

More must-have products for our summer beauty routine

Protecting and caring for the skin

No need to mention it, in summer do not leave home without sunscreen . Just as for our hair, our skin also needs constant protection and hydration.

Hyaluronic remains the key ingredient when it comes to hydration. However, when it comes to our skin, there is another important factor to take into account. The anti-ageing care and we know that the sun is a great enemy from which we have to protect ourselves.

With the range of Sunscreens Sunage by Montibello we have sunscreens that fight photoaging while protecting us from the sun. And we even have sunscreens that work as treatments.

For example, the biphasic photoprotective lotion Slim Lotion helps us to shape the silhouette while protecting us from the sun. On the other hand, with products such as Water Colour Fluid we have a tinted facial sunscreen that evens the tone while working as an anti-aging treatment.

All Montibello Sunage sunscreens are water-resistant and carry the Respect the Ocean seal.

Treat and Repair

UN.TANGLED Spray, for the most stubborn dry hair

In addition to a moisturizing hair routine, these especially dry tresses need some extra care. With this Kevin Murphy leave-in conditioner we have the perfect product to protect the hair from heat and provide an extra shot of moisture. UN.TANGLED conditioner detangles and strengthens hair. It is ideal for rough and dry hair that tends to tangle after washing.

Crema Body Treat Reducer & anticellulite

With products such as this reducing and modeling cream, in addition to moisturizing we can treat our skin. This cream will help us to reduce orange peel skin, promote detoxification and stimulate circulation.

To find the various Montibello products: montibello.com

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