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The trendy colors of spring summer 2023

gradient trend colors pv 2023

Dégradé, total look and chromatic combinations: how to wear the trendy colors of spring summer 2023.

Courreges GCDS, Elie Saab, JW Anderson SS2023

The palette of this season’s fashionable colors offers us a fusion of tradition and innovation combining vibrant colors and full of positivity with neutral tones and relaxing. It’s all about finding the balance . That is why often, more than in the colors, it is necessary to look at the fashionable color combinations . In addition to the monochromatic looks and of the combinations with neutral tones the technique of the degraded . It allows us to wear several colors on the same garment, it is absolutely scenographic and very fashionable. With the gradient, designers have proposed fades reminiscent of sunsets and have also created delicate mixtures of tones that combine several of the fashion colors in the same garment.

Fashion colors spring summer 2023

Viva Magenta, the color of 2023

The Pantone Institute, as an international benchmark for color trends, has chosen the Viva Magenta color trend color of 2023 . This purple-tinged red undertone is a powerful and bold color that invites us to express ourselves with the utmost freedom. Viva Magenta is strictly linked to nature, inspired by cochineal red, one of the most precious natural dyes with the strongest and brightest tint. In fact, in an age dominated by technology, the Pantone Institute proposes Viva Magenta as the color of 2023 to offer us a bridge to nature and strengthen our inner strength.


Alaia, Valentino, Chloe, Blumarine SS2023

Pantone lo define como Cherry Tomato and with this name we have just the idea of the red dot we are talking about. Vibrant, cheerful and very eye-catching . It is not a color to go unnoticed and worn in total look is the most powerful. Strong, sexy and cheerful. Very trendy the combination with nude or avocado green and always successful with denim blue. A classic with black, white and pearl gray so fashionable this season.


Alexander McQueen, Off-White, Victoria Beckham, Alberta Ferretti SS2023

Bright, elegant and most flattering. It turns out that also in make-up this point of blue, the Electric Blue Lemonade de Pantone, s eats well to all types of embodiments . Violette, the makeup artist of the moment, showed us how. We have to thank this stylish and tasteful French woman for putting blue eyeshadows back in our makeup bag. In addition to the make-up, this point of bright blue totally inspirational Avatar It will be worn in powerful total looks and combined with most of the season’s colors. Perfect with nude and pearl gray, energetic with red and orange, unbeatable with white and black. Very trendy with avocado green and vanilla yellow.


Fendi, Raf Simons, Fendi, N21 SS2023

It is an acid green with a marked hint of yellow and a certain exotic air. It reminds us of the color of the avocado and in its powdered version in pastel tones it will be one of the most popular colors to be worn this spring-summer 2023 . Beware of its most daring version in neon/silver key, in total look it is the most powerful. It’s not a case that Pantone has named it Titanite .


Versace, Victoria Beckham, Ulla Johnson, Versace SS2023

With this delicate lilac reminiscent of Very Pery, color of 2022, along with light blue, we have the sweetest, most feminine and ethereal option of the spring summer 2023 fashion color palette. Pantone calls it Spring Crocus in fact, it reminds us of the fields of lavanda from Provence and perfectly represents the essence of spring. From the same range, but much more intense and powerful, the Sparkling Grape. Pantone has put it in the Color Trend Report FW 2023/24, but we have already started to see it in the spring summer 2023 fashion shows and it is already a trend. This intense, deep and bright purple will be one of the main colors of next winter.


Victoria Beckham, Max Mara, Ermanno Scervino, Acne SS2023

It is a blue so light that it is reminiscent of color of the air hence Pantone calls it Airy Blue . Light, delicate and spring-like. The winning combinations are with nude, pearl gray or vanilla. It is also ideal worn in a total look.


Marni, Gauchere, Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti SS2023

Vibrant, cheerful and full of energy orange color is a trend this pv 2023. In addition to total vitamin looks, it is ideal combined with blue to lower the intensity a little. Always a winning combination with black or white.


Fendi, Prada, Fendi, Fendi SS2023

The pearl gray and silver effect are undoubtedly the choices more elegant and glamorous of the fashionable chromatic palette of the season. The silver is ideal to wear in total look in the moments that we want to brillar con nuestro outfit. Whereas, the gris perla is the fashionable color that this pv 2023 will function as b ásico . It blends perfectly with all other colors, is elegant, timeless and very flattering.


N21, Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, Alberta Ferretti SS2023

This Peach Pink sweet and warm that reminds us of the color of peach is perfect to wear with lingerie dresses and transparencies so fashionable this pv. No doubt it will also be the color of the season for wedding guest dresses.


Miu Miu, Prada, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney ss2023

It is a delicate yellow shade with a cool undertone that is easy to wear. In addition, it goes well with any type of color. It is perfect combined with the other more delicate fashion colors of the season such as light blue, lilac or peachy pink. Used with white, black or gray it gives that fashionista touch to the outfit.

Photos of the Spring Ready to Wear 2023 fashion shows

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