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Fat Burner Express, the perfect body treatment for a summer tune-up


Ahead of the dreaded operation bikini, Montibello presents BODY TREAT FAT BURNER EXPRESS, an effective 3-in-1 professional treatment that reduces, firms and reshapes the body and accompanies it with a line of products to continue working the most problematic areas at home.

During the winter it is common to not worry about our silhouette, but now that we begin to uncover the burden begins. We are not as fit as we would like and so begins the storm of seasonal diets and multiply the inscriptions to gyms. The Montibello cosmetics firm has also created its express solution to this needy overhaul.
It is a in-booth treatment with visible results in just one session that allows us to work on fat, cellulite and body flaccidity. And, with home care products we can continue to work on our specific problems.

A body treatment that slims, firms and reshapes the body

El Fat Burner Express de Montibello is a treatment suitable for vegans that uses products with natural and biodegradable ingredients. The treatment has a duration of 60 minutes and consists of three steps .

First, the body is activated by applying the Citric AHA Gel Activator. A gel formulated with artichoke, matcha tea and AHA from lime caviar extract that features ultra-strenghtening and exfoliating effect . The application is quite energetic with friction and percussion for activating microcirculation and is key to prepare the skin for the absorption and assimilation of the modeling products to be applied later.

In the second step, a modeling cream with thermoactive effect the Modeling Warm Butter. The formula of this product contains caffeine, ginger, artichoke, shea butter and argan oil and its application is done with vigorous manipulations for decompacting fat tissue, breaking down fat nodules and toning the silhouette . In this phase we work to reduce body volume, the orange peel effect and flaccidity in the most problematic areas. Once the product has been applied, an osmotic film is wrapped around the treated areas and the product is left to act.

Once the remodeling phase is completed, we move on to the drainage . In this case, after removing the film, Draining Cool Jelly is applied. A cryoactive gel with menthol, horse chestnut and witch hazel extract with anti-cellulite and firming action . Its application with pumping manipulations favors activates the cellular metabolism releasing calories, metabolizing fats and increasing the peripheral microcirculation. Thanks to its cryo-active effect, activates circulation and drainage of retained fluids and toxins It has a vasoconstrictor effect, combating cellulite thanks to its vasoconstrictor effect. It also tones and improves skin elasticity, restoring firmness to the treated areas.

My experience with Montibello Fat Burner Express Treatment

In my case I have tried only one session of the treatment but it is enough to be able to say that its effects are really visible. First of all, the treatment, despite being based on energetic massages, is very pleasant and enjoyable.

Its 60-minute duration is a mixture of hot and cold sensations. When applying the modeling product, I felt warmth and tingling in the treated areas. While in the last step, the draining one, I felt an intense sensation of freshness. After finishing the treatment, the sensation was of extreme lightness and at a thermal level I felt my body was warm inside and cool outside. I immediately noticed the draining effect and an improved skin. But, the most curious thing, the next day I felt as if I had done hours of gymnastics, with a more toned skin and with this sensation of having worked it.

The results of the Fat Burner Express treatment

With just one session of the express treatment we already notice a great activation of the body and its toning effect. But it is with a cycle of 6 sessions that we can really measure results. According to tests carried out by Montibello, a reduction of up to 4 cm is achieved in the hips and thighs. In addition to the obvious improvement of the orange peel effect and a more elastic skin.

Who is this new Montibello body treatment indicated for?

The treatment is ideal, not only to reduce, but also to tone and reshape so I would dare to say that it is suitable for everyone. Depending on our needs we will focus more on one aspect or another of the treatment choosing the specific treatment cream for our body.

Products for daily maintenance at home

To extend the effects of the treatment and continue to work on these problem areas Montibello has also launched a range of products for use at home.

On the one hand, we have the CRACKLING BODY MOUSSE, the flagship product of this body treat range. slimming and anti-cellulite booster specific to treat the most stubborn areas and has a curious crunchy” texture . When the product comes into contact with the skin, it generates “micro-explosions” that accelerate the penetration of active ingredients while gently massaging the skin. simulating muscular resistance work .

The recommendation is apply the product to the problem areas twice a day. (morning and evening) accompanied with the treatment cream: Reducer Gel Cream, Youth Firming Cream o Anti Cellulite Gel Cream de día y Intensive Remodelling Night Cream por la noche.

After application, you will immediately notice a sensation of warmth and tingling (as during the treatment in the cabin), which then subsides after a few minutes.

Slimming, firming or anti-cellulite day treatment

According to our specific needs we will choose the reducing, anti-cellulite or firming day cream. . The slimming and anti-cellulite ones have a gel texture, while the firming one is a lotion. In any case, they are all very quickly absorbed.

  • Anti Cellulite Gel Cream
    In the anti-cellulite, the SVELT D-TOX COMPLEX (Indian Forskolin, Celosia and Prunella Extract and Artichoke Extract) is responsible for stimulating circulation and reducing orange peel skin .
  • Reducer Gel Cream
    In the reducer LIPO-DIET COMPLEX (Sacred Lotus Extract, Red Fruits, Green Coffee and Mate) stimulates fat burning and prevents fat storage.
  • Youth Firming Cream
    In the firming X-PERT BODY FITNESS technology (Intralift, Microinjections of Silicon, Soy and Cell-vital) provides a anti-aging effect (as if it were a facial cosmetic). . Redefines contours, tones, shapes the silhouette and smoothes the skin .

Intensive remodeling night treatment

La night cream is an intensive body remodelling treatment. which directly affects the activity of nocturnin. Nocturnin is a circadian protein that, during the first hours of the night, induces the proliferation of adipocytes and promotes fat accumulation. The application of the Intensive Remodelling Night Cream is accompanied by the crunchy mousse and is left to work while we are resting.

To enjoy its benefits to the fullest, it is essential to use a good message during application and prepare the skin to absorb the products by first using an exfoliating scrub in the shower. With the delicate exfoliating action of Body Senses Exfoliant Shower Gel we will have a renewed and silky skin, ready to receive the treatment.

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