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New D.O. Cava seals, everything you need to know

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From now on, on the bottles of cava we will find new labels that will indicate its origin, its category and the seal of guarantee of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Cava.

With these new seals, D.O. Cava launches a new segmentation and zoning system, a clearer and more transparent labeling that allows us to know in detail all the relevant information of each bottle.

New seal of Elaborador Integral

It is the most ambitious project of the Cava D.O. which is intended to differentiate and highlight the bottles that have been produced 100% from start to finish by the same winery .

The Cava Appellation of Origin Regulatory Board has launched a new seal, the seal of Integral Elaborator which identifies the producers that 100% of their wines are produced on their own property (pressing and vinification).

Cava is a very well known sparkling wine at international level. In fact, it is the Most exported Spanish D.O. More than 70% of its production is sold abroad. But even though we all know that it is a quality sparkling wine, with Denomination of Origin y elaborated by a traditional method Cava has not yet been given the prestige it deserves. For this reason, D.O. Cava has released this new seal of superior quality which offers us the most complete information about its production on the label.
From now on, when we find a Cava with the new seal of integral elaboration, we will be able to identify exactly the production area, knowing that the grapes and the entire pressing and vinification process have been produced in the same winery.

Traceability and transparency: A seal to distinguish producers who produce their wines 100% on their own property (pressing and vinification).

At the time of the presentation of this new label, a total of 13 bodegas, out of 370 what are the wineries D.O. Cava producers The company has been able to boast about it and the goal is for many more to join in.

In order to carry the prestigious label, the wineries must undergo rigorous controls at all stages of production to guarantee a product that is faithful to the territory and respectful of the processes.

The 13 wineries that currently have the Integral Winemaker seal are : Agustí Torelló Mata, Alta Alella, Cava Avinyó, Can Sala, Can Suriol, Celler Carles Andreu, Cava Gatell, Giró del Gorner, Juvé & Camps, Parató Vinícola, Parés Baltà, Torné & Bel y Vins el Cep .

In addition to this latest launch of the Integral Winemaker’s Seal, D.O. Cava has also just presented three new seals . The objective is always the same: communicate through the label the values of the product, provide transparency in terms of traceability and help the consumer to know, differentiate and recognize the appellation of origin. . At the same time, obviously, to protect and promote the image of the D.O. Cava.

The new D.O. Cava seals allow consumers to clearly identify 3 key elements:

  1. ORIGEN The CAVA: identifying whether the product originates from the CAVA territory, Zone or Sub-zone.
  2. SEGMENT/CATEGORY identifying by color:
    – Green for GUARDA CAVAs (more than 9 months aging in bottle)
    – Silver for SUPERIOR GUARDA – RESERVA CAVAs (minimum 18 months of aging in bottle).
    -Gold for SUPERIOR GUARDA CAVAS – GRAN RESERVA (minimum 30 months of aging in bottle). The CAVAS de PARAJE CALIFICADO (within the SUPERIOR GUARDA CAVAS, with a minimum of 36 months of aging in bottle) maintain their current label for the time being.
  3. The GUARANTEE SEAL of the Regulatory Council, a body accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the certification of CAVAS.

And to know more, since the objective is to offer as much information as possible, as well as to give each bottle more prestige and in general to reposition cava at the level of quality it deserves, the new stamps also incorporate a QR code with additional information about the product, its origin, as well as information of interest about the best pairings, or recipes more in line with the type of product.

For more information about all the news of D.O. Cava: www.cava.wine

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