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Rugby polo shirts, an increasingly popular garment

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Rugby polo shirts were until the 1950s a high society garment for their casual events and summer days. However, Mick Jagger in the 1960s positioned this garment among young Englishmen as a symbol of rebelliousness and comfort . Nowadays, these poles are part of the estilo preppy A style where youth is idealized, and where many adults decide to remember and wear their teenage clothes.

What made rugby polo shirts more popular

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Rugby has been for many years a sport with Anglo-Saxon influence However, since the creation of online casinos with sports betting, this sport has become popular in all corners of the world.

People of all ages, of legal age, can bet on their favorite team, in the different leagues that exist in the world. Online casinos have allowed you to follow hundreds of matches that take place every month closely and with more excitement. In this way, many rugby polo shirts have increased the number of their sales, and many fashion brands have even introduced their own models of rugby polo shirts. When we talk about online sports betting, we leave behind those old-fashioned betting centers and welcome modern platforms where numerous types of bets, all rugby leagues, reliable methods of depositing money and withdrawing winnings are presented… In other words, it is a modern and elegant betting model. Not surprisingly, it has been a determining factor that has popularized the youthful and casual style polo shirts.

Gambling has boosted the sale of iconic rugby polo shirts

The style of famous polo shirts as the one used by the Scotland’s rugby team in 1925 during the 5 Nations Tournament has been a source of inspiration for famous brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry and Lacoste. Other brands are betting on rugby polo shirts with the spring-summer colors that are in trend. However, the number of polo shirts sold in the traditional way does not exceed the number of polo shirts sold during sports matches that are available at bookmakers. People betting at online casinos usually opt for current polo shirts of teams playing in the 6 Nations Tournament, a tournament that each year moves hundreds of millions of euros in bets. Similarly, the polo shirts used during Rugby World Cup matches are very famous. This is because supporting a sports team and trying your luck with bets is the perfect combination to enjoy the matches to the fullest.

Other sports that also influence fashion

Rugby is not the only sport that has influenced fashion, since a century ago equestrian sports have had a great relevance in the fashion world. The use of hats by the public present at equestrian and equestrian competitions has been a captivating fashion. Each hat is designed with a unique style, the ladies seek to look spectacular combining their hats with majestic dresses. On the other hand, men who wear hats seek to surprise with unique, extravagant and original styles.

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