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How to minimize seasonal hair loss

how to take care of hair inside

Learn how to take care of your mane to limit the dreaded hair loss and show off strong, healthy and shiny hair.

Many women are very concerned about the hair loss The reasons why this happens may be several but it is a fact that with the change of season especially now in autumn or when spring arrives, this phenomenon is increased . In principle, there is no need to worry, hair loss in autumn affects us all and pampering our hair correctly is something that we can control and minimize .

Hair has its own life cycle, it falls out and grows back and the change of seasons influences certain balances causing us to lose more hair than usual in autumn and spring, although this does not mean that we should not worry about it. In addition to the seasonal decline There are many other factors that can cause a significant hair loss, so it is essential to monitor our hair loss and take good care of our mane .

Another of the main causes of hair loss is the vitamin deficiency We know that with a healthy and varied diet rich in fiber and vitamins this would not happen, but the day to day is usually not so perfect and our diet is often damaged. The good news is that we can easily remedy these shortcomings by getting a few specific food supplements against hair loss . The stress, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances are often another of the main causes that make our hair loss become a cause for concern.

If you notice how your hair has lost volume, shine and intensity This is a clear warning sign. To stop the hair loss and heal this damaged hair, the solution is to take care of it inside and out .

To take care of it on the inside, the solution is to get some nutraceutical for hair health such as Olistic For Women’s latest generation option that proposes a 100% natural formula that treats the main causes of hair loss in women .
We are talking about a complex of vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that act synergistically to strengthen and stimulate hair growth . What is interesting is that products such as Olistic For Women are based on scientific evidence and provide practical and effective solutions to combat hair loss or baldness.

In addition to taking care of our hair on the inside, while strengthening our hair by providing it with all the vitamins and minerals it needs, we need to taking care of our hair on the outside pampering her with small gestures that have to become habits.

Good habits to prevent hair loss

Brush the hair with a brush that stimulates the scalp.

When we notice our hair is more fragile and we are very concerned about hair loss, many of us choose to brush it as little as possible. There could not be a more wrong conclusion. The scalp needs to be stimulated, using an appropriate brush with our daily brushing will improve blood circulation to the scalp vessels.

Use products that respect our hair

It is not necessary to limit washing, in fact when the hair is dirty it is better to wash it than to let the accumulated residues make our hair even weaker. But yes, it is necessary to use products with neutral ph or in any case not aggressive. Opting for natural products suitable for our hair type is the best solution.

Limit the use of irons and hair dryers.

It is clear, straighteners and dryers are the most aggressive. Limiting their use and always using heat protection is the best thing we can do to protect our hair. To style or refresh the hairstyle it is better to opt for natural styling products that do not require the use of heat.

Keeping the hair well hydrated

Dry hair is fragile hair and we want strong and shiny hair. Nourishment on the inside will help but also on the outside we have to apply moisturizers, protectors, masks and everything necessary for our hair to look and be healthy.

Exfoliate and massage the scalp.

It is necessary to remove dead cells to promote oxygenation and stimulate the scalp to be active. Add to your beauty routine a weekly massage with a natural oil that you can leave on your hair for 20 minutes. This will stimulate your scalp and leave your hair perfectly hydrated.

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