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How to find out if a watch is authentic

how to find out if a watch is authentic

A few tricks to know how to distinguish an authentic watch from its imitations in order to get only the originals.

When we buy on websites or in official stores, we don’t even think about it, but we can’t even think about it. when we look for second-hand items at flea markets, in antique stores or on the Internet. it is key to know to find out if we are in front of an authentic piece . We will find stores and websites of a certain level that provide us with a certificate of authenticity for example comes to be the luxury watch marketplace Chrono24. But we are not always lucky enough to find sites that give so much confidence.

A cheap replica is easy to identify, If we compare it with the original model, the differences are usually obvious. In addition, they usually have a price too cheap compared to the original and that already from the beginning should make us doubt.
The tricky part is when we are in front of well-made imitations that are sold at a high price and could perfectly be an original.

Tips to know if a watch is authentic

Pay attention to details and finishes.

The differences are in the little things especially in a more or less well-made imitation. Look for the model on the official website of the seller and check every detail however small and insignificant it may seem. When we talk about pieces of a certain value, each watch and each brand usually has some unique and identifying details. The finishes of a high-end watch are perfect. and in an imitation it is very difficult to achieve exactly the same.

Compare the movement

In replicas the movement will not be as elegant, clean and beautiful as in the original piece. or it will not be entirely the same. For example, if the seconds hand jumps we are talking about a quartz mechanism while if its movement is fluid it will be automatic. That can already give us a first filter looking for the mechanism that should use the original model of the watch we are analyzing.

See the finishes of the strap

Imitations usually perfectly reproduce the dial but fail a little in the finishes of the strap. that they will not look as clean and perfect as on the original watch. If you notice flaws, irregularities or finishes that don’t quite match, that is a clear sign that something is wrong.

Observe the glass

We know that high-end watches generally use sapphire crystals If we find a mineral or plexiglass crystal, then we have already found out that we are in front of a replica. In any case, first we have to know what type of crystal the original model has and then identify the crystal of the watch we are analyzing. To find out if the watch crystal is sapphire, clean it well, put it in a horizontal position and then let a drop of water fall on it, if when you tilt the watch you notice that the drop of water has a hard time moving, that means that you have a sapphire crystal in your hand.

Look at the box

The steel of the case can easily reveal that we are in front of a replica. It is necessary to look what type of steel is used and compare it with what the original model should have and also look at the color to be all the same with a polished finish.

Take it to an official dealer

Decided to buy it but still not quite sure that it is not a replica? If you want to remove your doubts, the best thing to do is to take your watch to an official dealer. . This way you will know for sure if you have a genuine watch. If not, if you have bought it in a place with guarantees you can return to the store where you bought it or contact them again to arrange a return.
You must take into account that if we are talking about luxury brands such as Rolex, if you show up with a replica at the official technical service they will keep it with the watch to destroy it. To avoid that, as an alternative you can go to a reputable jewelry store that can look at the watch in detail acquired.

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