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Handmade soaps, your beauty allies

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Cosmetics can be allied with sustainability without losing an iota of effectiveness and beauty on the body. Craftsmanship is increasingly present in natural cosmetics and undoubtedly one of the references in the sector of handmade soaps is Fox soap . A wide and varied proposal of one hundred percent organic products that leave an ideal result on the body.

The advantage of handmade soap production is its ability to adapt to all skin types and needs without losing its essence or its ecological component. It is a product elaborated based on vegetable oils of the highest quality The absence of petroleum derivatives guarantees a commitment to respect for the environment. The absence of petroleum derivatives guarantees the commitment to respect the environment.

Natural face soaps are the most generic and are suitable for everyone, as they are adapted to different skin types. No chemical components The moisturizing effect, unlike the most commercial offer, provides numerous properties on the face and considerably reduces skin irritation, which makes it the best ally to have a perfect face. Hydration is continuous with a twice daily application.

One of the main problems that arise on the face is acne, which is common among young people, but also affects adults. There are natural soaps specialized in minimizing this effect. It is a product prepared in a specialized way for dry and oily skin It helps to reduce or correct pimples or blackheads that appear on the face. It is loaded with vitamins that have a repairing effect and is presented as a natural element that eliminates imperfections and porosities. This type of soap also avoids the usual fake scent that characterizes these treatments and offers a recognizable and appropriate sensation.

Natural soaps for dry skin are another example of this handmade range, although in this case the options are increased, since applied on body, face and hands . It emphasizes hydration, absolutely necessary in this case, obtaining the care and protection required by this type of skin, in addition to softening it. Delicate skins also find their specific natural soap that helps to improve them. Products such as olive oil, clay or sulfur de naranja among others, are the materials with which they are produced. The result is a regenerated and hydrated skin, healthier and more beautiful. Hand soaps, scrubs or even baby soaps can also be found in this natural proposal.

Natural hair product

It is a key element in a person’s beauty. Hair is exposed to many alterations throughout the day and its care is fundamental. With this in mind, natural hair soaps for hair have significant benefits compared to alternative options . It avoids, for example, itching or irritation; in addition to providing more strength for its growth. In addition, the duration of a natural hair soap in bar form is much longer than that of a traditional one, since it can be used up to eight months after its manufacture, four times longer than the others.

Among the options of natural hair soaps, specialization also stands out, such as the product designed for frizzy hair. A single bar completes the whole process, without the need for conditioners or masks. Oily hair is another example that can be cared for with a handmade bar made with rosemary, an aromatic herb that strengthens and improves the scalp.


The benefits of natural handmade soaps are evident from the moment they are produced with ecological and natural products. In this way, the deficiencies arising from the use of shampoos and gels with chemical components, a harmful idea as pointed out by the prestigious magazine Semana, are covered. The protection is twofold with the consumption of this model: better skin care and absolute respect for the environment.

Better hydration and the absence of rashes or itching in the skin define natural soaps, which translates into health and a greater sense of beauty in the person. This benefit applies to the different and varied needs of people. From an environmental point of view, everything is positive. It is a product whose all ingredients are of vegetable origin so that no animal substances are used. It is a vegan model that helps the conservation of species and proper sustainability. The cardboard box used as packaging is also biodegradable, made from compostable material and vegetable printing inks. Its prolonged useful life is another way of showing respect for the ecosystem.

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