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Handcrafted jewelry with semiprecious stones

handmade jewelry with semiprecious stones

Tumiloque, a handcrafted jewelry firm to express your identity through the power of precious and semiprecious stones.

In the world of jewelry we could say that there are three main categories : the exclusive pieces that are usually related to special moments in our lives, such as a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring; the fashion jewelry which is often cheap costume jewelry that reproduces en masse the main trends of the moment and the handcrafted jewelry that breaks away from all the stereotypes to offer us something unique, original and different.

Tumiloque is part of the latter group. A Canarian handmade jewelry firm that was born with the purpose of creating jewelry through which to be able to expressing our identity and our style .

925 sterling silver and ruby stones earring with zoisite and tourmaline stone symbol of brotherly love
Necklace in 925 sterling silver and emerald cabochon Tumiloque

Away from the trends of the moment, Tumiloque invites us to play with jewelry to tell something about ourselves using the power and charm of precious and semiprecious stones. . We know that each precious and semiprecious stone, besides being good for us because of its color, has certain properties and on these powers and their message is based the creation of the pieces of natural jewelry of this Canary Island firm.

Handcrafted jewelry using the power of stones

Tumiloque bases all of its artisanal work on the power of stones . In fact, each piece is accompanied by an explanation of the properties of the stones that compose it to help us find what we really need. In every moment of our life we need different things and in this way we can find the things we really need. the complement that best accompanies us at every stage of our life. .

For clarification, the gemstones are diamond, ruby, emerald and blue sapphire, and the gemstones are the semiprecious stones commonly used in jewelry are the branch the amatista the amber the aventurine, the coral the quartz jasper, jasper lapis lazuli onyx and turquoise .

Tumiloque earrings in silver and jade slivers
Tibetan flower necklace in silver and inlaid with turquoise and coral (creativity, wisdom, joy and love)

Each stone has its own specific properties, for example, the branch is a mineral that promotes harmony A calming stone that promotes self-confidence and helps to create balance. The amatista transmits positive energy It is calming and helps in meditation. The amber is considered an amulet of the good luck in love and marriage for their properties. The aventurina balances and protects the heart chakra . The coral helps to solve internal conflicts . The quartz protects from negative energies . The jaspe dock strength and vitality . The lapis lazuli enhances sleep and brings calm and tranquility. The onyx is a protective stone that aids concentration and to release stress. The turquoise strengthens and brings calm internal.

How to find the most flattering stone based on colorimetry

In addition to the properties of each stone, its color is also important. As the creators of Tumiloque explain to us, we are unconsciously attracted to the colors that suit us best, although sometimes we can be influenced by our environment or by fashions.

To know which colors suit us best and then find our stones, Tumiloque suggests a seasonal division.

Stones for people spring

Tumiloque blue agate long necklace

They are people with delicate skin of pink or cream color, they would be the typical faces that have difficulty to tan. The eyes are blue, green or light brown and the hair is blond, reddish or light brown.

The colors that favor this profile are blue, turquoise, light violet and in general pastel shades and bright colors.
La piedra ideal for this type of characteristics is the turquoise and blue agates .

Stones for people summer

Earring in 925 sterling silver and Tumiloque amethyst (wisdom and femininity)

Women with pale or pink complexion, dark blond, brown or gray hair and light eyes (green, honey brown or blue): The colors that suit you are pastel shades, light yellow, purple or mauve.
La piedra ideal for this type of characteristics is the amatista the rhodonita or the amber .

Stones for people fall

Tumiloque silver and oceanic jasper necklace (to relieve stress, to increase concentration)

The skin is brown or tanned, the eyes are brown and the hair is coppery, red, dark brown or with reddish tones.
The colors that favor this phototype are earthy tones, beige, orange, gold, bronze, dark brown.
The ideal stone for this type of characteristics is the jaspe oceánico in earthy tones, coral naranja or the broncita .

Stones for people winter

Tumiloque coral tears pendant (protector)

Dark skin, blue or black eyes, dark or very light blond hair. Winter people have both extremes in cold tones. The colors that favor are cold, intense and contrasting shades such as black, navy blue, red, pink, silver, white, fuchsia, yellow, green.

The ideal stone for this type of characteristics is the coral the jade , lapis lazuli or the perlas .

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