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Graffiti caps, a Y2K icon that is back on trend

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The fashion of wearing the typical style of the 2000’s rescues the iconic accessory of the sports world, symbol of the urban tribes.

In fashion everything comes back and, although since their use has been popularized we have never really stopped wearing them, now that everything 90’s is so fashionable, caps are once again a trendy accessory. The graffiti caps with your message written on the front are a iconic piece of streetwear that have experienced great popularity in the 1990s ‘.

From baseball to streetwear, a functional accessory that becomes a streetwear icon

Roy Campanella, Larry Doby, Don Newcombe and Jackie Robinson (1949) FOTO CNN edition.cnn.com

The cap as we know it was created in 1860 to protect baseball players from the sun. hence its name. The baseball caps with their functional round visor quickly became a part of the player uniforms Historically, however, it did not take long for them to leave the sports context to be used as a fashion accessory.

Because of its practicality and functionality, the cap was also integrated in the military uniforms and used in all types of work uniform . But the interesting part of the evolution of this add-on begins in the 60’s when people start using it not only for its functionality but also for its to indicate your support for a team or another baseball cap. This is how the use of the cap we have today was born. It is still a functional accessory, it is true, but, above all, the caps have become a an accessory to express our tastes and to feel part of something .

We could say that from the 80’s onwards, caps started to be used by urban tribes. The two fashionable models are the gorras snapback direct inheritance of baseball caps, with flat visor and back snap to fit the head and the gorras trucker foam rubber and synthetic mesh on the back.

Beastie Boys – FOTO gq.com.mx

In the 90’s caps are pure trend The skater and pop culture world adopts it as an icon to express its identity. Its relationship with the street art world is also very strong. In fact, if we look at this street art blog we will see how the cap is still very present.

Caps, the accessory of skateboarders, rappers and reggaeton artists

Several urban tribes have made caps their own by using them as an identifying accessory. to indicate their belonging to a style. If we think of a hip hop singer, he will hardly not wear his rapper cap. In fact, the return of the snapback cap has a lot to do with the Snapbacks back track by Chris brown and Tyga or that rappers like JAy-Z and Kanye West have rescued it by using it as a emblematic element of his style . Extra wide clothes, graffiti and backwards cap, have always been the aesthetic keys of this tribe.

Kanye West – PHOTO lagranquedada.com

Also for the reggaetoneros, the cap, along with the sunglasses of their favorite brands, are essential complements of their style. Another urban tribe that uses the cap as a key item of their style are the skaters. Forwards or backwards, but never without their “skater” cap to skate.

The return of caps as a fashion accessory

DIESEL FW2022/23

In addition to being a symbol of belonging to an urban tribe, nowadays the baseball cap is once again a fashionable accessory to all intents and purposes. It has a lot to do with the fact that it is a very iconic accessory of the 90’s This is a new trend, and all the celebrities and many international designers seem to have rescued this accessory.

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