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Personalized T-shirts in Barcelona: Where to buy?

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Our clothes are one of the elements that most characterize us and the most important personalized t-shirts can tell the world how we are, what we like and how we feel that day. Follow this link to customize your t-shirt here.

Below, we explain where you can buy personalized t-shirts in Barcelona so that your daily outfits do not go unnoticed.

Where to design and buy your personalized T-shirt

On the official website of the Toaster you can find many custom t-shirts with logos of series, famous slogans or images that characterize a whole movement, but if you want something more specific, there is a section for design and customize your own t-shirt .

The Toaster is an online store where you can not only find personalized t-shirts, but you can also create your own sweatshirt, mug, face mask, poster, tote bag, etc.

If you want to have a unique T-shirt designed by yourself, you can do it from the personalized t-shirts section . The product will arrive directly to your home within 48 hours if you choose priority shipping or 3 days if you prefer normal shipping.

The company is located in Barcelona Therefore, if you are in this city, the waiting time may be even shorter.

How to customize your T-shirt step by step

When you get down to work designing the perfect logo for your T-shirt, that characterizes you or the group that will wear it, it’s easy for ideas to start flowing out of control and you have to stop and think about what you’re going to wear. poner a little order .

Customize your T-shirt with the Toaster is a very simple process and below, we explain it step by step so that when you are there it will be much easier for you to create exactly what you have in mind:

  • The first thing you will need to do is to access custom clothing from the currency superior
  • You must then choose the product, in this case the T-shirts
  • Electricity sex for whom you want to customize the T-shirt
  • If you have chosen man You will have 5 different models of T-shirts to choose from: short-sleeved, V-neck, long-sleeved, etc.
  • If you have chosen woman you will have 7 different models of T-shirts to choose from: straps, short sleeves, with neckline, long sleeves, etc.
  • Once you have chosen the model you like you can select the one you like the most. color background you want your T-shirt to have.
  • If you scroll down with the mouse you will be able to read all of the characteristics of the T-shirt you have selected
  • Choose the size and quantity of T-shirts you want to customize
  • Now it is time to customize . With the top tabs you will have the possibility to add a photo, add one of the original Toaster designs or add a text. You can combine these functions as you wish to design your ideal personalized T-shirt.
  • Then simply add to cart, proceed to payment and wait at home for your new T-shirt to arrive.

In this same section of the Tostadora website you can see that not only customize t-shirts You can also create your own mug, sweatshirt, face mask, baby clothes, bags, cell phone cases, etc.

What a customized T-shirt is for

A customized T-shirt is a unique element that makes you different from the rest of the people . The clothes we buy nowadays are usually designed with logos or drawings that do not really identify us as people and do not convey our thoughts, but thanks to a personalized T-shirt you can achieve to wear the unique and ideal clothing for you .

We have created a list of utilities for a personalized t-shirt so you can get ideas and create all the products you want.

Bachelor party

Imagine a weekend with your friends celebrating a bachelor party while you all wear the same T-shirt: with the groom’s face and some funny phrase.

A bachelor party is one of the most important best occasions to customize your T-shirts and go all dressed alike as a team. In addition, these clothes will remain in your closet as a souvenir of a very special day and who knows if on the groom’s birthday you can wear them again to make him feel a little embarrassed.


If you are organizing an event, whether it is a large event for your company or a simple chess championship, it will be much more professional than a chess tournament. team members have a personalized T-shirt .

When someone at the event has a question, he or she will quickly identify who are the people in charge thanks to your personalized t-shirt. You can choose to be serious and formal or fun and original, with a slogan that makes you think.

Employees of your company

If you have a company, there is no better gift for your employees than a personalized T-shirt that they can wear every day.

You can choose to make a T-shirt with the logo of your company, to take advantage and advertise wherever they go or you can choose a design that characterizes them as a team and make them feel part of this project.

Original gifts

When it’s time for gifts, we all start to tremble, because we don’t know what to give that person who is so important to us so that it will be a gift for the person we love. original gift but also something useful and beautiful.

Giving a personalized t-shirt as a gift can be one of the best gifts if you are able to capture the essence of that person in a piece of clothing .


Want to show your ideas wherever you go? A T-shirt is the best way for everyone you come across to show off your ideas. see what you are fighting for in the subway, at work, in the supermarket, in the elevator, etc.

It may be a simple idea, such as the importance of taking care of the planet, but can make a difference when hundreds of people see these images during the day.

Now you know where to buy custom t-shirts in Barcelona. Take a look at the Toaster’s website to see all the products they have and start designing the t-shirt that will make you and your group special.

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