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Chunky ankle boots, the shoes that everyone will wear this winter

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Of all the footwear trends for this winter, ankle boots with track soles are the new essential basic in every fashionista’s shoe rack.

From the fusion of classics Chelsea boots and the fashion of wear shoes with track soles macro trend of the botines chunky . They are ankle boots with the typical side elastics of Chelsea boots to which the chunky touch is added with the sole. With serrated, platform, thick or very thick soles, and even in contrasting colors with the boots, the suela chunky is what makes these ankle boots are pure trend . We have already seen them everywhere, the fashionistas of reference are already wearing them and in stores and online shoe stores we can find them in all its variants.

The passepartout shoes for autumn winter 2021-2022

From the most casual looks to floral dresses and pantsuits, chunky ankle boots have arrived to be worn with all types of outfits, even if at first it takes a little getting used to their rough aesthetics.

If you want to join the trend without risking too much, go all black and choose the most basic and minimalist versions of the chunky ankle boots In the image, you will find it much easier to combine them with your clothes. In the image the most purist version of the chunky chelsea boots, a version with a more marked track sole and a military style with laces from the trends section of the online shoe store El Rayo.

If what you are looking for are groundbreaking ankle boots that can become the main protagonists of your look then opt for models with large soles with contrasting color, Chiara Ferragni docet.

How to wear this winter’s trendy ankle boots

Los track sole ankle boots are the new white sneakers and can be worn with absolutely everything. They are not so feminine, nor do they especially stylize the figure but they are very comfortable and are a very practical footwear for the day to day. Having said that, if we want a groundbreaking look we have to make our trendy ankle boots to be seen. For this the best bet is to wear them with skirts, dresses, minis or bikers with bare legs or with black veiled tights.

Combine your chunky ankle boots with the hyper feminine ones.

To break the hardness of the chunky boots and create a very stylish look, combine them with very feminine garments. Preppy looks, tight dresses, mini skirts will look great with your track boots. The contrast between the garments and the shoes will be very trendy. Some of the most successful combinations are with romantic dresses and biker, biker and blazer, miniskirt and denim jacket and, of course, with that tailored suit, even better if it is of a vibrant color.

Chunky shoes, a fashion that chooses comfort over aesthetics

It seems unthinkable that talking about fashion shoes we are not talking about what kind of heel is worn this season, but fashion has changed and more after the pandemic. Now the comfort and functionality of garments and accessories have acquired enormous importance and chunky shoes are very comfortable, besides being so fashionable. Or possibly they are fashionable because they are comfortable.

First we started with the chunky sneakers or dad shoes, we really liked them for their retro essence and for giving us those extra centimeters and for being so comfortable. Then came the track sole and we discovered that you could wear flat boots that also give us some height with their serrated soles and look equally good or even more trendy. Now the trend is consolidated, the chunky sole merges to any type of footwear updating it to the trends of the moment.

Footwear trends for fall winter 2021

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