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Athletes who are successful in the world of fashion

Tony Hawk athletes with clothing brand

Sportsmen are the essence of the world of sports, they arouse the passions of fans for their skills and exploits, and they also make sports betting enthusiasts register every day at the new Spanish-licensed bookmakers. But off the field, all players have different hobbies or personal projects to pursue after their sports careers. Many choose the fashion world with a clothing line, or exploit their image as a way to generate income, and the vast majority have managed to achieve the same success as sport.

The most famous sportsmen and women can be successful wherever they go. and much of it is due to capitalizing on their image. It is increasingly common to see how these successful athletes sign million-dollar advertising contracts The fashion industry is so promising that many athletes are encouraged to create their own clothing brands. The fashion industry is so promising that many athletes are encouraged to create their own clothing brands.

Sports brands

Big sports brands have been able to make a lot of money by investing in sponsorship of athletes famous for their sporting successes. They use the image of the athletes to incite their fans to look for some object related to the athlete, being the most usual to promote clothing lines and accessories that remind their acclaimed athletes.
Among the most common cases we see all the time on the streets, television or networks of brands promoted by great athletes, we have the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal with the Nike brand, the soccer star Leonel Messi with Adidas or the multi-Olympic medal-winning sprinter Usain Bolt which is the face of Puma.

However, there are other athletes who have wanted to take a step forward and created their own clothing brands, achieving profits for their image without a third party. Some have managed to reach the international market and others have done so with more discreet strategies.

Michael Jordan

The best-known relationship between a sports brand and an athlete is undoubtedly the one between the company’s Nike and the legend of the NBA Michael Jordan . They began their relationship in the player’s early years, when he was already becoming a worldwide sensation. Although at the beginning Jordan did not want to sign with Nike, because it was a small company at that time, together they created the line of sneakers with Jordan’s name which was a total success and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for both parties. With the success achieved, the Jordan” sportswear line and is seen in various sporting disciplines, such as the contract signed with Paris Saint-Germain to provide the team with equipment for Champions League matches.

Tony Hawk

If there has ever been an athlete who knew best how to exploit his image, it has been Tony Hawk, since the skateboard is not a mainstream sport. Birdman, as he is known, has made several projects in different sectors being its own video game the best known, which began in the late 90’s and has several releases and many zeros in his account. Hawks in his media growth created his own brand of clothing called “ Hawk Clothing “which was later absorbed by Quicksilver . However, Tony did not stay quiet and created another company called Birdhouse, specializing in skateboards, which also has in its stock several units of clothing.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd is the only undefeated professional boxer with 50 victories, which makes him one of the best boxers of the XXI century, he has also been one of the highest paid athletes in the world in recent times, so he is nicknamed “Money”. In 2016, he started a brand called The Money Team, which distributes a brand of clothing, boxing equipment and other accessories.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is one of the drivers who has dominated the Formula 1 tracks and before retiring he wanted to dominate the textile market. Fernando created Kimoa in 2017, a sportswear company to get another form of income. Since its creation, Alonso was in charge of including his brand in the best automotive category, being a sponsor of the Mclaren team.

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