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5 must-see places to visit in Naples

pompeii places in naples

The beauty of southern Italy cannot be described, it must be experienced. And perhaps the beautiful city of Naples is the perfect place to enjoy a taste of its culture, architecture and charm. .
When you travel to Italy, you typically choose destinations like Rome or Milan, but if you want to get a more global vision of the Belpaese, you have to go south as well! And Naples is certainly an excellent example of the charm of southern Italy. It is a city rich in culture with a lot of history to tell and a few attractions not to be missed.

How to get to Naples?

If you are in Rome, you can reach the city by car, bus, plane or train. Naples is about 186 kilometers away, and while some flights can sometimes be cheaper than a train ticket, keep in mind that you can spend a lot of time getting from the terminal to the airport and from Capodichino to the city of Naples. That’s why it is advisable to book your train ticket well in advance, and don’t forget to do the same for train tickets to Rome from Naples! The Italian train system is very efficient and in just under an hour and a half you will be enjoying the delicious gastronomy of southern Italy.

Visit Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

If you travel to Naples, you should not miss a visit to the most emblematic place in the city : The Mount Vesuvius . This active volcano is located in front of the Bay of Naples and about 9 kilometers from the coast. There are some tours that offer first to visit the City of Pompeii, to admire the beauty of this Roman city, and then climb Vesuvius.

In 74 BC, Pompeii was buried by ash from an eruption of the Vesuvius volcano. . Discovered in 1748, and buried by meters of ash and pumice, Pompeii remained intact for centuries. Visiting it is synonymous with traveling back in time, and visiting a small town of the old Roman Republic.

Only 9 kilometers separate Pompeii from the base of Mount Vesuvius, so it is advisable to request a tour, then you can climb Mount Vesuvius and observe the beauty of the Bay of Naples. Due to its height it is one of the most beautiful panoramic points in southern Italy.

Castel Nuovo or Castillo Nuevo

If you like history or medieval times, you can’t miss visiting this Fortress of the Middle Ages .
The Castel Nuovo also known as Angevin Male was built in 1282. It has 5 towers of 35 meters high joined by walls. It was ordered to be built by Charles I, after taking over the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily. The castle also marks the military and political power that Naples had in the region from the 12th century onwards.

It is an excellent option for discover the medieval past of Naples as well as from its towers to enjoy excellent views of the city The castle is located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the gulf and the small islands overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It also has free tours to visit the castle and its surroundings. Visiting hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Castel dell ‘Ovo or Egg Castle

If you enjoyed the previous tour, then you can’t miss out on a visit to the Castel dell ‘Ovo or Egg Castle . Because of its altitude, it is another incredible place to enjoy the panoramic views that the castle offers. It is advisable to go before sunset, so you can admire how the evening light illuminates the city of Naples, the Gulf and in the background Mount Vesuvius.

The Castel dell ‘Ovo is the oldest castle in Naples, as its citadel was built more than 900 years ago. Inside the castle you will find large galleries, the church of Salvatore, and different rooms with various medieval objects. Definitely, the best are the panoramic views offered by its terraces that will allow you to observe the beauty of Naples from a privileged place.

If after your walk through the Egg Castle you have some time left, you can take advantage of it and go up the Mergalina funicular to visit the Church of St. Anthony, one of the most beautiful and characteristic viewpoints of the city.

Plebiscite Square

This square is the heart of the city, a place not to be missed if you visit Naples. It is located at the end of Via Toledo, and around the square you can find a lot of emblematic buildings. The most important are the Royal Palace of Naples and the Basilica of St. Francis of Padua. If you have little time, you can visit this area with the city’s tourist bus or in some of the free walking tours that are organized daily.

The Royal Palace is imposing and inside you can visit the ancient throne, the theater and the royal rooms with original furniture from 1600. The basilica has all the splendor of other times, with its more than 34 marble columns in Corinthian style. There is also the San Carlo theater, one of the most beautiful in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

If you love soccer, then you can’t miss a visit to the emblematic stadium of the most important soccer club in southern Italy: Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli. While the whole city is like a huge shrine to the greatest player in history, in the streets near the stadium you will see a lot of elements that pay tribute to the Argentine star.

From giant murals, paintings, shops to buy any kind of souvenir, to Napoli or Argentina jerseys with the 10 and Maradona. You can walk around the vicinity of the stadium and admire the history of soccer captured in the streets while enjoying a delicious pizza in authentic Neapolitan style. If you are lucky and visit the city when Naples plays at home, don’t miss the chance to watch a game at the former San Paolo stadium.

In a nutshell

Naples has everything from the best gastronomy of southern Italy, historical monuments of Ancient Rome, medieval castles, and some vestiges of the splendor of the old kingdom. But also its small streets, its love for soccer and beautiful panoramic views from its terraces. What are you waiting for to visit it?

Shopping streets in Naples

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