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What style tells us about Denise Coates, the glamorous owner of Bet365.

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With effort, ingenuity and dedication, a woman has become a reference in the world of betting, which is largely dominated by men. We are talking about Denise Coates, founder and CEO of Bet365, who is currently is the richest woman in the United Kingdom , after earning more than 1.5 billion euros over the last decade .

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Coates has been in the news many times for the high salary he receives from the company he created two decades ago. Thanks to Bet365’s large profits, is among the 17 billionaires in the United Kingdom. according to data from the financial analysis company Bloomberg. It is important to note that she is the only woman on a list that includes, among others, the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

Bet365 is currently one of the most recognized online casinos in Spain and worldwide. The company has earned a prominent position in the competitive online gambling market.

Low-profile billionaire

Undoubtedly, Denise Coates is one of the most important executives in Europe and the world, thanks to her great work at Bet365. Despite this success, she is a woman with a special personality according to the English tabloids. and little is known about her intimate life because she is extremely private.

But her fortune is quite public and even in 2020 several media outlets described Coates as “the CEO who earns 1.4 million a day”. A Bloomberg report states that between March 2021 and March 2022 alone, she earned 360 million euros between salaries and dividends. For this reason, e s quite famous in the business world for its spectacular remuneration for its work. .

Denise Coates, a graduate in Econometrics from the University of Sheffield, practices in business. very good command and leadership voice , that has given him an important position in the world of betting. and command respect.

But on a personal level, Coates is very straightforward. She has a life away from the media spotlight and even away from social networks. . She lives with her husband on an estate in Sandbach, on the outskirts of the city of Stoke in the United Kingdom, a rare area for billionaires.

On the family side, Coates has a total of five children. According to various information, four are adopted This also shows the solidarity, empathy and philanthropy for which she is well known.

Elegance and simplicity

This low profile of the multimillionaire owner of 50.1% of Bet365 is reflected in her style. Denise Coates dresses elegantly and soberly, something that generally characterizes the English. In her few photos or public appearances, she always has the same haircut, as well as clothes in pastel and dark colors. It is a simple outfit, but it manages to maintain its elegance and category at all times. .

In addition, Coates wears a lot of executive suits, which he show their power and leadership through their clothes, but without losing delicacy or drawing too much attention to themselves. something she herself admitted she did not like.

I don’t enjoy people’s attention, the public issue is not for me. And I’m not saying I’m a shrinking woman, because I’m not. I’ve been a boss all my life and I really enjoy running my business. But I am not a social animal “he said more than a decade ago.

Solidarity and philanthropy

Beyond the millions she earns annually and her simple life, the 54-year-old Briton is known for all the charity work she does. He has been showing his philanthropy for several years, with a charitable foundation created in 2012. .

This Foundation has made donations to more than 17 institutions 10 million euros given by the billionaire to employees affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Denise Coates, also noted for a very familiar management style because his brother, John, is deputy executive chairman of Bet365, while his father, Peter Coates, is chairman.

In short, she is a successful, simple and family-oriented businesswoman. A billionaire who spends part of her fortune on philanthropy and always keeps a low profile. . Undoubtedly, she is an example of effort and perseverance, because she had an idea in 2000 that has made her the richest woman in the United Kingdom.

Coates shows the ability women have in any market, even some still dominated by men, such as betting and sports.

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