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The Xupet Negre, an exhibition of iconic Barcelona graffiti

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The Ocean Drive Barcelona hosts the exhibition of the iconic Barcelona graffiti artist El Xupet Negre, which can be visited in the hotel lobby during the month of July.

Going through Barcelona is to find black shutters, walls, murals or drawings of pacifiers. If you’re from here, you’ve probably lost count of how many you’ve seen over the years. And more than years, we’re talking about decades since El Chupete Negro has been on the streets of Barcelona since the 90’s. .

During all this time, these iconic graffiti of Barcelona have received several tributes and recognitions and now they are again the protagonists of an exhibition. From July 7, and throughout this month, paintings and skateboards customized by the graffiti artist El Xupet Negre will be the main protagonists of the lobby area of the Ocean Drive Barcelona hotel. The exhibition of free admission and with free access allows us to re-discover the work of the Logo-Art artist most representative of the Barcelona Graffitera.

Opening of the exhibition El Xupet Negre at Ocean Drive Barcelona: Graffiti, Music & Burger meets Gin

The exhibition of El Xupet Negre at the OD Barcelona is part of a series of activities that the hotel has in program for the month of July. The official opening of the exhibition is on July 7 at 19h. To celebrate it, the hotel has planned a live Scratch show by dj_ironf4c3 and its format afterwork Burger Meets Gin The event will feature gourmet burgers paired with premium gin and tonics. Also, for this same day will perform Miguel Silva, Núria Garcia, Popsky, Flor Huarte and Hunzike.

More about El Xupet Negre, the most iconic graffiti in Barcelona

File photo el elxupetnegre.com/history

The logo of “ elxupetnegre” born in 1987 at the bar El Oro Negro, a mythical chess club that is now defunct and in which 1989 becomes a grafiti callejero that fills the streets of Barcelona. Behind this iconic image is the artist Carlos Redón Instead of signing his works, he leaves his emblematic black pacifier. A style that he defines as Logo art considered to be one of the most important precursor .

Their black pacifiers quickly become something iconic in Barcelona and made the city of Barcelona to be considered a reference in the emerging Street Art movement. His work becomes popular and the artist begins to travel around the world. Since 1996, his work began to be exhibited in the most important art galleries of the Street Art scene in countries such as France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and the United States.

In the 1990s, he worked mainly on painting streets, shutters, walls and murals leaving messages in their works of social character, vindictive and in favor of human rights. The objective is to put color in the streets and, through this, to educate people and awaken a respectful interest in this new form of art.

Logo Art and Urban Art

In the late 90′’s, graffiti y street-art are already a reality accepted by a large part of society. This will be a golden age for graffiti artists In Barcelona, the City Council even allows street painting and facilitates street art.
The black pacifier comes to life acquiring eyes and mouth and becomes a more friendly character that brings color to the streets of the city.

During these years, the artist Carlos Redón began his intense relationship with the world of the snowboard and collaborations with big brands such as Carhartt, Adidas, Burton or Munich, among others. His work is consolidated and becomes international with several exhibitions and interventions in murals around the world in the early 2000s. In 2008, with the resurgence of the moda skater a new alliance is born: wooden skateboards are the perfect support for small works.

In 2010 it celebrates its 20th anniversary as part of the program of the Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival and in 2015 it celebrates its 25th anniversary in a gallery in Barcelona. But, after 25 years, El Xupet Negre seems even more current than ever. In this year he collaborates with important brands such as Nike, Clipper, RageOn Bamboo Bikes and paints large murals in Barcelona and Terrassa.

Photo digerible.com/from the 2016 Mural in the Can Guitard industrial park in Terrassa.

Miami, New York, Bogota, Milan, Rome, Paris, … this nice iconic drawing of Barcelona of the Xupet Negre by Carlos Redon has come to practically pass through the streets of the whole world without losing its essence. And now we can know a little more about his work and the artist in the exhibition organized by the Ocean Drive Barcelona hotel.

Exhibition El Xupet Negre July 2022
en el Hotel Hotel Ocean Drive Barcelona
C/ d´Aragó, 300
Phone: 932150899
[email protected]

For more info about El Xupet Negre: elxupetnegre.com

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