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How to get free loans ideal for going out for a walk or buying clothes

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There are certain moments when we deserve a walk or we want to treat ourselves to some clothes to go out for tapas with friends and we do not have the necessary budget for the occasion. For those moments there is the option of requesting a free loan through comparison websites such as portalcreditos.es, where we will find a great variety of loans offered by financing companies with private capital. These are companies that have been in the market for some time and have had great acceptance among people, thanks to the facilities to grant a loan and for working through the Internet.

Most of those interested wonder if they can get a first loan for free, because interest is the profit that a financial institution receives for making a loan. The answer to these questions is yes, this is due to commercial strategies carried out by private equity financial institutions, which offer this type of financing to attract customers and have them in their portfolio of future customers. This also benefits the applicant, because the entity already has his data and could offer him other financing, if he complied correctly with the payments of the free loan.

Free loans are considered as a mini-credit and are usually granted in low amounts for a relatively short repayment time, without paying any interest. If you want to go out to eat in Barcelona to discover the excellent gastronomic restaurants in the city or buy clothes for this year’s summer, but you don’t have the budget at the moment, a free loan may be the solution to give you the treat you deserve.

Requirements to apply for a free first loan

Before knowing the requirements, applicants should know that these financial institutions operate entirely online, so the entire operation will be carried out via the web. This simplifies the life of those interested, especially if they need a loan quickly and without so many bureaucratic procedures.

The requirements are an important aspect when applying for a loan; with these requirements the entities verify that the clients comply with the conditions to approve a loan and each financial entity has its own conditions, however, there are certain things that the applicant cannot fail to comply with.

Applicants must reside within Spain, have a valid identity document such as DNI or NIE. Generally the age range to apply for the loan goes from 18 years old to 65 years old, however, you can find entities with an age range between 20 and 75 years old.

Applicants must have a verifiable income to apply for the first free loan, and are usually required to submit a paycheck to verify that they have some type of income to ensure the necessary solvency to repay the debt.

On the other hand, in order to carry out the procedures online, it is required to have a working cell phone number and an e-mail address, as well as a bank account of which you are the holder. But this requirement is strictly with payroll; there are financial entities that allow the applicant to have an unemployment benefit, retirement pension or some subsidy.

Endorsements and guarantees are not necessary for this type of financing. However, if the applicant needs a larger loan, the financing companies will ask for a guarantor or a property to place it as a guarantee, in those loans interest will surely be paid, but they will have other advantages according to the situation.

The last of the requirements on which the financing companies focus to grant a free credit, is to verify that the applicant does not appear in the lists of delinquency as ASNEF, RAI among others. Sometimes the reasons for entering these lists are insignificant, such as an outstanding balance on a cell phone. Therefore, it is recommended to the interested parties to pay off their debts in advance. Likewise, in the event that you appear on a list of defaulters, there are financial institutions that offer loans for such cases, what you should know is that the requirements may be higher or the payment conditions stricter.

Finally, in order to apply for these online loans you must have a cell phone number, a bank account that you own and an email address.

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