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3 ideas for cool personalized sweatshirts

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Creating personalized clothing allows us to wear unique and original garments through which we can express what we like the most. It is also a great marketing tool to create clothes with logos and messages related to our company.

Whatever the objective, at present, the customization of garments and accessories has come within everyone’s reach. In recent years, we have seen how little by little the big fashion chains have been adding the option to customize some of their items. In this way, offering the possibility of putting name, initials or small phrases, we give a very important added value to the garment we are buying. It is no longer an ordinary T-shirt or sweatshirt, it has our name on it!

On the other hand, the customization of garments, which used to be a service exclusively limited to large orders, has now reached the market. within everyone’s reach . There are specific companies and websites that specialize in creating custom t-shirts and sweatshirts that do not require a minimum order for us to create our product. We can even create a single garment to proudly wear our creation or make a very original gift.

If you are interested in this world of personalization but you don’t know where to start to create your first garment, here are some cool ideas to create your first personalized sweatshirt (they will also be useful if you want to make T-shirts).

How to create your own customized garments: 3 cool ideas for sweatshirts and T-shirts


It is very common to find a text message on the front or back of T-shirts and sweatshirts, so nothing new so far. The interesting thing with the case of personalization is that We are the ones to choose the phrase and the font in which it is written.

We can look to the classics for some short motivational phrase that inspires us in a particular way or even create our own quote.

Ideas of short phrases for your sweatshirt:

  • The value of an idea lies in its use. ” Thomas Edison

  • Make your life a dream, and your dream a reality. .” The Little Prince

  • Don’t count the days, make the days count .” Muhamed Alí

  • Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing. ” Helen Keller


We have seen that the major fashion chains offer us the possibility of add our name or initials to a selection of garments. But they are never able to offer complete customization.

In the case of ordering the customization of a T-shirt or a sweatshirt from a specialized supplier we can put our initials in the size and color we want, creating also the chromatic combination that we like the most. We choose the font, the size and the place where the printing will be done.

We can also put the initial of our partner and create this typical romantic garment that in the end is always a success.

3 Logo/Image with text

It is the typical design that is chosen for corporate printing and is ideal for create a uniform for workers in the case of small companies. We can also use our logo accompanied by our most representative phrase, such as gift for customers and friends, it is an excellent tool to make ourselves known.

But forgetting for a moment the options more related to the world of work, actually having the possibility of uploading an image and a personalized text opens us up to a new way of working. a myriad of options .

First we choose the color garment we like the most. And then we can add an illustration, a design or even an image that we particularly like and accompany it with a text. With this type of structure we really have the ideal option for all kinds of occasions. Perfect for an event such as a bachelorette party, dad’s party, birthday and so on for the infinite moments of life.

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