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Fashion in the style of the 1920s

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The fashion of the 1920s has had a great influence on subsequent trends, and continues to be a great benchmark of style and elegance, both in the minds of designers and on the street.

The fashion of the 1920s, always present

It is a style that continues to fascinate generation after generation, in addition, the films and l he series always brings back all this vintage inspiration. that we fall in love with, such as The Cable Girls, The Continental, The Great Gatsby and more recently Peaky Blinders, one of the most successful series of recent times.

Peaky Blinders is a series that focuses on a family of gangsters who lived in Birmingham, England. at the beginning of the 20th century. This criminal gang dominated the city by running brothels, fixing bets and boxing matches, creating illegal casinos and allying with other mafia groups.

Great Gatsby with Leonardo di Caprio

Clothing was key and economic income was used to take care of their appearance, as they looked for to differentiate themselves from the workers’ garments. This is perfectly reflected in the series, which captivates both for the plots and the characterization.

There is no doubt that the costumes worn by the characters is one of the strong points of the fiction. Tweed suits, checkered fabrics, round collars, vests, wool coats and the unmistakable “billycook” hat. “The most characteristic elements of the English gentleman of the 1920’s. Best of all, they are the most characteristic elements of the English gentleman of the 1920’s. The best of all is that v Stretch like Peaky Blinders never goes out of style. It is a classic, sober and very elegant style that is still absolutely valid today.

The keys to achieve the Peaky Blinders style

Los Peaky Blinders

The most striking thing about 1920s fashion and more specifically the style of the Peaky Blinders characters is that they all wear perfectly smart attire, three-piece suit, consisting of pants, vest and jacket. The cut is close-fitting, with a sober line and basic colors, one of those that never go out of style. The key is that the suit fits like a glove. But in addition to the suit itself, details and accessories are very important in this style.

For example, the shirt is characterized by its round collar, better known as club collar o penny collar. Nor can you miss the tie, preferably plain, in a similar tone to the suit to avoid attracting too much attention. And of course, let’s not forget a good wool coat to combat the low temperatures of the English Midlands. Generally, the coat is long, made of wool, with wide pockets and lapels. The look is completed with a hat, which is perhaps the most daring accessory in our time, although it has experienced a new resurgence to the delight of vintage lovers.

Peaky Blinders costumes can be easily integrated into today’s looks. In fact, they are the most chosen styles for weddings and special occasions as they are pure elegance. In addition, the garments also can be used separately to build more modern and casual outfits, and at the same time with a lot of personality.

Another striking aspect of Peaky Blinders is that each character wore a different costume. This gave the series a great stylistic richness, while defining the characterization of each member of the gang. Thanks to this we have seen checked suits, pinstripes, with contrasting buttons, in dark colors, red, green, more sober or more flashy.

If you are also fascinated by Peaky Blinders costumes, on our website you can find the one of your favorite character. You can get the complete look or get the 20’s style accessories that you like.

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