Real estate credit: 3 good reasons to trust a broker.

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Financing the acquisition of your property via a mortgage requires many steps that require time and negotiation skills. Discover all the reasons to use a broker to find your mortgage.

Reminder: the broker’s missions

Reminder: the broker

A real estate broker is an intermediary who intervenes in the context of his profession between a client and generally a banking establishment with the aim of carrying out a transaction. Real estate credit brokers are responsible for:

  • find the banks that offer the most attractive mortgage loan offers;
  • negotiate with these banks the most advantageous credit conditions.
  • Support clients in finding and obtaining the best financing for the benefit of clients. The broker thus has a duty of advice as an IOB that is to say Intermediary in Banking Operations

1. Save time

1. Save time

When a person wishes to acquire a property and have recourse to a mortgage to finance this purchase, it is strongly recommended to go around the banking establishments to obtain the best rate of mortgage. This step takes time and requires tedious research and numerous meetings.

However, from the signing of the compromise, the deadline for obtaining a mortgage is 45 days. Using a broker thus saves time. Indeed, the fact of entrusting the selection of banks and the study of the most interesting loan offers is a significant time saving for those who because of their work, their geographical location or their family life don’t have time to research the most attractive loan offer.

2. Indisputable skills for negotiation

2. Indisputable skills for negotiation

Mortgage brokers are in constant contact with banking establishments and benefit from the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the best mortgage loan conditions. Having recourse to a broker, after for example having made a first simulation to calculate your monthly payments thanks to our mortgage calculator, is therefore to put all the chances on his side to find the best credit rate and thus benefit from the best conditions ready.

3. No cost to the buyer !

3. No cost to the buyer !

The real estate broker is remunerated in a special way. Indeed, it is not the borrower who pays remuneration directly to the professional in the case of an online broker. However, the latter receives a commission paid by the banking establishment with which the client signs a mortgage offer. Therefore, having recourse to the skills and experience of the real estate broker may not generate any additional costs for the future borrower! There are agency fees, the amount of which is, however, less than the savings generated.


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