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If you want to apply for a loan with flash transfer and get paid, you should take a closer look at the properties associated with this loan. And maybe even consider whether he means an instant loan. This is available from many new, young loan providers and is based on computerized loan request processing and a kind of credit factory. But the credit with flash transfer can do even more. Read more about the rare cases where lightning transfer really makes sense.

Good creditworthiness despite a short-term liquidity shortage

Good creditworthiness despite a short-term liquidity shortage

Especially if a company handles many large projects and has a good credit rating, there may still be a short-term liquidity shortage due to delayed customer payments or acceptance. In this case, it may make sense to make a wire transfer after a loan. This is the only way to realize cash discounts and bonuses for in-house purchases.

Then the price charged by many banks for the lightning transfer will have less of an impact. But think of a similar situation for you as a private customer: You would like to have the loan with immediate payment paid out as a credit with lightning transfer. Then a simple calculation shows how much you can avoid using the flash transfer and whether the price for this super-fast transfer is justified.

Between 15 and 25 USD for a day of time saved

Between 15 and 25 USD for a day of time saved

Since the payment guidelines in Germany have changed, normal transfers have also been credited the next bank working day. For example, if an electronic transfer is received by the bank on a Wednesday afternoon, it will usually be credited during the Thursday. If the credit with flash transfer is approved and paid out on a Wednesday, the transfer is received in the target account on Wednesday afternoon. This means a fee of 15 to 25 USD – even more at some banks – compared to a time saving of exactly one calendar day.

Think of the extreme case of a customer with a good credit rating, but who has overdrawn his checking account at short notice and rescheduling debt to a cheaper consumer loan and a predictable repayment. With the usual overdraft interest of, for example, 12% (and a second example with 15%), this means only a small interest saving, even with a relatively high amount of 5,000 USD. In the example with 12% there is an interest saving of 1.66 USD – this is offset by the flash transfer as the cost unit. Even at an interest rate of 15%, the savings are just under $ 2.10.

For this reason, the credit with flash transfer should be absolutely rare. Unless you want to use the introductory discount of a car or similar high-quality item on the last day, so to speak. In that case, however, the negotiated solution for a one day late payment under the same conditions is usually much better than the instant transfer. Because the bank transfer can be seen by a less experienced bank employee as a warning and caution signal, which in turn would delay the processing.

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